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    Suzette Grillot, Ph.D.

    Suzette Grillot, PhD

    Dean, College of International Studies
    William J. Crowe, Jr. Chair in Geopolitics
    Vice Provost of International Programs
    Professor, Department of International and Area Studies
    Phone: 405.325.6003
    Biographical information

    Rebecca Cruise

    Rebecca Cruise, PhD

    Assistant Dean, College of International Studies
    Assistant Professor, Department of International and Area Studies
    Phone: 405.325.1095




    Mitchell Smith

    Mitchell Smith, PhD

    Max and Heidi Berry Chair and Professor
    Department of International and Area Studies
    Phone: 405.325.6681

    robyn rojas

    Robyn Rojas

    Director of International Student Services
    Phone: 405.325.3337

    Laura Brunson

    Laura Brunson, PhD

    Director of Education Abroad
    Phone: 405.325.1693

    Patsy Broadway

    Patsy K. Broadway

    Director of Administration
    College of International Studies
    Phone: 405.325.1621

    Rick Dooley

    Rick Dooley

    Development Officer
    College of International Studies
    Phone:  405.325.1913

    Nancy Connelly

    Nancy Johnson

    Director, International Logistics and Risk Management and Staff Attorney
    College of International Studies
    Phone:  405.325.1622

    Kirk Duclaux

    Kirk Duclaux

    Director of Italian programs in Arezzo, Italy
    Corso Italia 40
    52100 Arezzo, Italy
    Phone: 011-39-339-197-0210 

    Joshua M. Landis, Ph.D.

    Joshua M. Landis, PhD

    Director, Center for Middle East Studies
    Phone: 405.325.3330

    Mohammad Al-Masri

    Mohammad Al-Masri, PhD

    Director, Arabic Flagship Program
    Phone: 405.325.5958

    Peter H. Gries, Ph.D.

    Peter H. Gries, PhD

    Director, Institute for US-China Issues
    Phone: 405.325.1962

    Alan McPherson

    Alan McPherson, PhD

    Director, Center for The Americas
    Phone: 405.325.1404

    Paul Goode

    Paul Goode, PhD

    Afshin Marashi

    Afshin Marashi, PhD

    Director, Iranian Studies Program
    Phone: 405.325.6671

    Loretta Bass

    Loretta Bass, PhD

    Director, African Studies Institute
    Phone: 405.325.1751