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    Get started

    Click here to gain some general information on OU Education Abroad programming and how the study abroad process starts.

    study abroad 101

    Study Abroad 101 is the first step to studying abroad at OU. Click here to register!

    peer mentors

    Click here to learn more about applying to study abroad and meeting with a site specialist.


    The pre-departure phase is for students accepted to study abroad and will include the necessary logisitics prior to departure. Click here to learn more!

    While you are abroad

    Click here to learn more about the EVF and other elements of Phase 4.


    Phase 5 is for students returning home from study abroad. Click here for information on how to make the most out of your study abroad once you get home.

    academic credit

    Learn about how the credit transfer process works, how you can apply international courses to your major and why you need to strategically plan your enrollment during your time abroad.

    funding study abroad

    Explore scholarship and funding possibilities available through OU and external sources.  Don't assume that study abroad is too expensive for you to consider.  Check it out!

    diversity abroad

    The University of Oklahoma encourages students from all majors, genders, ethnic groups and ages to explore studying abroad.