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    Study Abroad Program Types

    OU in Arezzo

    OU in Arezzo is the signature study abroad program of the University of Oklahoma! You will take classes taught by OU professors at the OU in Arezzo center in Italy and pay OU tuition and fees. Visit to see all the courses offered in Arezzo throughout the year.

    Journey Programs

    Journey Programs are four weeks long in the summer and offer General Education Credit. These programs are taught by OU professors, have OU tuition and fees, and come with their own scholarship for airfare!

    College Sponsored

    College Sponsored programs are led by professors from many OU colleges and are geared toward their own majors and are offered mainly in the Summer. Search for the OU colleges offering study abroad programs in the program search engine.

    University Exchange

    University Exchange means taking classes at a university abroad, but paying OU tuition and fees at your normal rate. These programs are highly immersive and ideal for independent learners and students with financial aid tuition waivers.

    Transfer Credit

    Approved Transfer Credit programs are programs sponsored by specific affiliate providers or universities abroad with which the University of Oklahoma has an active agreement and where you pay directly to that specific university or provider. Financial aid, excluding tuition waivers, can be applied to this program type if they are listed in the program search engine.

    Selection Criteria

    Students are selected for study abroad programs based on the following criteria: grade point average, personal essay, financial aid requirements, academic standing, and letters of recommendation. For certain study abroad destinations with limited availability, the selection process is quite competitive. All students who qualify for study abroad are offered a location for study, but because of the competitive process, some may not be admitted to the school or destination that they most prefer.