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    Asian Studies
    European Studies
    International Studies
    International Security Studies
    Latin American Studies
    Middle Eastern Studies
    Russian and East European Studies

    In the process of completing an CIS degree, students obtain a number of useful skills that will make them more competitive in an increasingly international job market.

    International Communication and Adaptability - CIS students study at least 16 hours of a foreign language which, combined with a study abroad experience, allows students to become proficient in speaking, reading and writing a foreign language and to more readily adjust to new and different environments.

    Cultural Awareness - Through a combination of coursework and study abroad experience, SIAS students learn about foreign cultures and customs, develop inter-cultural skills, and become more sensitive toward and welcoming of cultural diversity.

    Academic Tools - CIS students develop a broad base of knowledge in their area of focus, the ability to conduct research and analyze information from a variety of sources, and the written and oral communication skills necessary to express their thoughts effectively.