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    International Studies Major


    The International Studies major allows students to gain a global perspective on world affairs. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on world history, international relations and international economics, students learn how the international system operates and prepare themselves for careers in foreign affairs or international business, for advanced training in international law or business. Like the area studies programs, the international studies program requires strong understanding of a foreign language and a period of study or work abroad. Students may also combine International Studies with a minor in one of the Area Studies programs.

    To complete the International Studies program, students may select courses that cross a number of world regions. Other courses may be substituted, but only with the approval of the program coordinator.


    Bachelor of Arts in International and Area Studies Major Area: International Studies

    For the most up to date degree sheets, please click here.

    General Education requirements: 40 semester hours, distributed in accordance with University requirements.

    Department of International and Area Studies requirements: Additional requirements set forth by the Department of International and Area Studies.

    Major requirements: (30 hours, 18 must be upper-division). In addition to the core requirements set forth by the Department of International and Area Studies, students pursuing a degree in International Studies will develop a course of study with the IAS Academic Adviser and meets the following requirements:

    International Politics (six hours).
    World History And Culture (nine hours).
    Comparative Studies (six hours).
    International Economics (three hours).
    Geography (three hours).

    International Experience: A student is required to spend at least one summer or winter term (preferably one year) in an approved international experience. This may include (but is not limited to) OU Study Abroad, study abroad with another university, an approved foreign work experience, or experience through the US military, or a high school degree or equivalent from another country.

    Senior Capstone Course (three hours): IAS 4013, Senior Capstone.

    NOTES: Students may take other appropriate courses chosen in consultation with the IAS Academic Adviser. Acceptable substitutions are updated each semester and posted in the Undergraduate Studies section of the CIS website.

    To be eligible for study abroad at OU, students must maintain a minimum combined retention GPA of 2.5.

    Major Support Requirements: Sixteen hours of one foreign language relevant to the area, and ECON 1113, 1123, IAS 2003.

    Free Electives: Electives to bring total applicable hours to 120, including 48 upper-division hours.

    Minor in International Studies

    Students must successfully complete at least 15 hours of courses acceptable for major credit in International Studies, including at least 9 hours at the upper-division level. Click here to download the minor check sheet to learn more about the specific requirements.