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    Why would a student minor in IAS?

    An international minor provides students a number of useful skills that will make them more competitive in an increasingly international job market. Students develop foreign language skills, cultural awareness of diversity, a broad sense of knowledge of the world, the ability to conduct research and analyze information from a variety of sources, and written and oral communication skills necessary to express their thoughts effectively. These are important skills for any student, whether their degree is in business, education, engineering, architecture or fine arts.

    IAS Minors

    OU students can choose from the following IAS minors: International Studies, African Studies, Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies and Russian & East European Studies.

    The curriculum for any student pursuing a minor in CIS is both international and interdisciplinary. Students choose from a variety of classes that are offered through the departments of Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Communication, Economics, English, Film and Video Studies, Geography, History, History of Science, International and Area Studies, Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology.

    Students must successfully complete at least 15 hours of courses acceptable for major credit in IAS, including at least 9 hours at the upper-division level. Each student must complete a third semester foreign language class and courses for social sciences and arts & humanities credit.

    Use your minor to meet your Gen. Ed. requirements

    An attractive advantage of an IAS minor is that it allows students in any major to earn a minor while completing some of their General Education requirements. Many of the courses required for an IAS minor are approved for Western Civilization & Culture credit, Non-Western Culture credit or Social Sciences credit. Thus, students can fulfill Gen. Ed. requirements and earn credit for a minor simultaneously. Please note that not all courses on the minor check sheets have been approved for Gen. Ed. credit. For more information, please visit: