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    international year of sport
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    Dr. Benjamin Penglase
    Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Loyola University, Chicago

    Monday, October 8, 2012
    1:00pm ~ Hester Hall 170

    Olympic Watch Parties!

    Monday, July 30, Hester Hall 170, 10:00A-4:30P

                Lunch provided by Little Caesar’s.

    ·       9:30A-10:45A: Beach Volleyball

    ·       10:45A-12:30P: Women’s Volleyball: USA vs. Brazil (qualifying round)

    ·       12:30p-12:45P: Canoe (whitewater)

    ·       12:45P-1:40P: Swimming (qualifying heats, 9 races, 3 events)

    ·       1:40P-2:40P: Women’s Water Polo: USA vs. Hungary

    ·       2:40P-3:00P: Rowing

    ·       3:00P-4:00P: Beach Volleyball


    Wednesday, August 1, Hester Hall 170, 11:30A-4:00P

                Lunch provided by Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

    ·       11:30A-12:15P: Swimming (qualifying heats, 5 events, 14 races)

    ·       12:15P-1:30P: Women’s Water Polo: USA vs. Spain

    ·       1:30P-2:00P: Canoeing (gold medal: whitewater, men’s K-1 final)

    ·       2:00P-3:45P: Women’s Volleyball: USA vs. China

    ·       3:45P-4:00P: Rowing (first three medals in Rowing will be handed out)


    Friday, August 3, Hester Hall 170, 1:30P-4:00P

                Lunch provided by Jimmy Johns

    ·       1:00P-1:30P: Swimming (women’s 50m free, men’s 1500m free, women’s and men’s 4x100m medley relay)

    ·       1:30P-2:45P: Women’s Water Polo: USA vs. China

    ·       2:45P-3:30P: Rowing (men’s pair, women’s double sculls, men’s single sculls and quadruple sculls)

    ·       3:30P-4:00P: Track & Field (gold medal, women’s 10,000m final)


    Tuesday, August 7, Hester Hall 170, 11:00A-4:00P

                Lunch provided by Jimmy Johns

    ·       11:00A-11:30A: Cycling-Track (women’s Omnium)

    ·       11:30A-12:00P: Track & Field (men’s 110m hurdles and 200m, women’s 5000m)

    ·       12:00P-12:15P: Cycling-Track (men’s Keirin final)

    ·       12:15P-1:00P: Diving (men’s 3m springboard semifinal)

    ·       1:00P-3:00P: Women’s Volleyball Quarterfinal Match 1

    ·       3:00P-4:00P: Beach Volleyball (men’s semifinal)


    Wednesday, August 8, Hester Hall 170, 1:00P-4:00P

                Lunch provided by Jimmy Johns

    ·       1:00P-2:00P: Beach Volleyball (bronze medal women’s match)

    ·       2:00P-3:00P: Men’s Water Polo (quarterfinal match)

    ·       3:00P-4:00P: Cycling (women’s BMX)


    Friday, August 10, Hester Hall 170, 11:00A-4:00P

    Snacks provided.

    ·       10:45A-11:15A: Canoeing

    ·       11:15A-12:30P: Synchronized Swimming (team final)

    ·       12:30P-12:45P: Swimming (men’s marathon)

    ·       12:45P-1:45P: Rhythmic Gymnastics

    ·       1:45P-2:00P: Swimming

    ·       2:00P-3:00P: Wrestling

    International Year of Sport Poster

    In 2012, the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma will examine the importance and impact of sports as it relates to international health, diplomacy, development and peace.

    “People in every nation love sport. Its values – fitness, fair play, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence – are universal. At its best, it brings people together, no matter what their origin, background, religious beliefs or economic status. And when young people participate in sports or have access to physical education, they can build up their health and self- esteem, use their talents to the fullest, learn the ideals of teamwork and tolerance, and be drawn away from the dangers of drugs and crime”

    - Kofi A. Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, 2005

    The Impact of Title IX
    Join us  on April 10, 2012  as we kick off our  International Year of Sport  at a screening of the film  ELEVATE  followed by Q & A and a Meet and Greet wtih  Coach Lon Kruger, Strength Coach Jozsef Szendrei ESPN Broadcast Analyst Fran Fraschilla and OU International Basketball Players Amath M’Baye and Jelena Cerina  4:30 pm Meachum Auditorium
    panel Coach Lon Kruger, Strength Coach Jozsef Szendrei ESPN Broadcast Analyst Fran Fraschilla and OU International Basketball Players Amath M’Baye and Jelena Cerina

    From a basketball academy in West Africa to the high-pressure world of American prep schools, ELEVATE documents the extraordinary personal journeys of four particularly tall West African teenagers with big hearts, open minds, and NBA dreams.

    The SEEDS Academy in Dakar, Senegal, sits on a small plot of land leased from the government. There, the best young basketball players from across West Africa gather to take part in a strenuous program of academics and athletic training. For those who stand out, the potential reward is huge: full scholarships to the top prep schools in the United States, where the right combination of skill and dedication will earn them a great education, pave the way to college, and open the door to basketball at the NCAA level... and maybe even a shot at the NBA.

    ELEVATE follows four young men who make the cut, receive scholarships, and head off to the USA. Filmed over four years and across two continents, ELEVATE documents the daunting challenges they face, from the alienation that comes with being a seven foot tall Muslim at a Christian prep school (in an American culture rife with African stereotypes) to mastering English, adapting to aggressive American-style basketball... and navigating the vagaries of high school, girls, and drivers ed.

    A heartwarming documentary that inspires without preaching, ELEVATE challenges the audience’s conception of Africa, America, and athletes–while putting a smile on their face at the same time.

    ELevate Movie Screening Poster
    Elevate movie screening poster