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Frequently Asked Questions

Arabic Flagship students gain access to the Flagship tutoring and language partner programs here at OU. They are also able to take part in the various weekly Flagship seminars and events that facilitate linguistic development and cultural learning. Flagship students may apply for the Arabic House residential option, living with native speakers of Arabic. Furthermore, they are eligible for the overseas summer and yearlong programs that have a proven track record of equipping students with the skills to reach Superior levels of proficiency in Arabic. Applicants to the summer and yearlong programs are also eligible to apply for merit-based scholarships, helping to offset the costs of these programs. Lastly, successful graduates of the program receive Flagship Certification, guaranteeing their Superior level of proficiency to government and private sector employers.

There are two types of summer programs supported by the AFP: the overseas program at the AALIM Center in Meknes, Morocco, and the domestic program hosted at a partner Flagship institution. Many of the University of Oklahoma Arabic Flagship students have found the domestic program hosted at the University of Texas-Austin Arabic Summer Institute to be a very beneficial part of their Flagship career. The domestic program may substitute for a student's second or third year of Arabic at OU upon successful completion and transfer of those credits. Please see the Overseas Programs page for further information on the summer overseas and capstone year abroad programs through the Arabic Flagship Program.

To be eligible, you must be a US citizen or permanent resident, enrolled as a full time OU student in good standing, have an overall GPA of 3.25 or above, and have completed (or be in the process of completing) at least 1 semester of Arabic with an A or B.


You must be accepted for admission to OU to be eligible for our program. If you are a transfer student, you must first gain OU acceptance. OU AFP accepts applications at the end of every semester, so you will be able to apply once you have started your studies here.

We expect a commitment of between 4 and 5 years (including a yearlong overseas program before graduation). You must be able to reach Superior level Arabic, which takes approximately 5 years. For this reason, a junior or senior in first year Arabic would not be a good match for our program.

It depends on your level of proficiency in Arabic. If you speak and read Arabic fluently and are already at or above the Superior level, this is not the best match for you. However, if your level is in the Intermediate to Advanced range of proficiency, you are welcome to apply.

No, the AFP accepts students from any major and is particularly interested in applicants that come from other disciplines such as business, engineering, journalism, natural sciences, and social sciences.

If a Flagship scholar falls below the required GPA or receives a grade lower than a B in an Arabic class, they will receive a notice of a probationary period. Students have a full semester to raise their GPA and/or improve their performance in their Arabic classes. Multiple semesters of probationary periods will have a negative impact on the student's chances to apply for overseas programs and to receive Flagship funding for those programs. Students may lose active standing in the program upon consistent probationary periods.