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Graduate Program FAQ

Graduate degrees from College of Liberal Studies are 100% online and do not offer the opportunity for on-campus courses.

There are limits on how many credit hours a student may enroll in each semester, without permission of the student's dean. These limits are listed below:

  • Fall/Spring: 9 hours
  • Summer: 6 hours

Exceeding these enrollment limits will be considered if the student has a retention combined GPA of 3.00 or higher. However, it is recommended that students take no more than 6 hours Fall and Spring or 3 hours in the Summer. The majority of CLS students are working adults with many responsibilities in addition to school.  The recommended load is the load the majority of CLS students have found to be manageable.

If following the recommended enrollment timeline, the degree can be completed in two years and one semester.

All course material is available online and all student assignments are submitted through our web-based course management system. The courses are set up on standard semester-based terms, and assignments are due when required by the faculty member.