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Graduate Program FAQ

Graduate degrees from College of Liberal Studies are 100% online and do not offer the opportunity for on-campus courses.

Once all application materials are received a decision is usually reached in 2 weeks.  In the case of a low GPA petition the review process may take longer.

There are limits on how many credit hours a student may enroll in each semester, without permission of the student's dean. These limits are listed below:

  • Fall/Spring: 9 hours
  • Summer: 6 hours

Exceeding these enrollment limits will be considered if the student has a retention combined GPA of 3.00 or higher. However, it is recommended that students take no more than 6 hours Fall and Spring or 3 hours in the Summer. The majority of CLS students are working adults with many responsibilities in addition to school.  The recommended load is the load the majority of CLS students have found to be manageable.

Online application, current resume, 300-500 word statement of purpose, and an official copy of the transcript from your degree granting institution.

Yes, you will need to write a 300 – 500-word paper explaining your desire to enter a CLS graduate program.

Admission to a graduate program at the University of Oklahoma is based on an evaluation of an applicant’s overall record, experience, personal qualifications, and proposed area of study.  Applicants are evaluated holistically, but generally successful graduate applicants possess a 3.0 cumulative GPA from their undergraduate and/or graduate work.  Applicants with a GPA below a 3.0 will be considered and may be conditionally admitted in certain circumstances.
Applicants with GPA below 2.5 will be required to submit an additional writing sample and will only be considered if it has been 3 or more years since the degree was conferred.  These applications will require a petition and may take longer to process.

Conditional admission means that you are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA on the first 12 hours of letter-graded course work. Failure to do so will result in an automatic suspension.

If your cumulative GPA is below a 2.5 and your degree was conferred within the last 3 years you may write a letter of petition explaining any extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to your GPA.

If the course work was used to complete another degree it cannot be transferred. If it has not been used for another degree, and is not over five years old at the time of admission, the course work will be reviewed for relevancy to the CLS graduate degree program the student has been admitted into. Transfer credit will not be evaluated until the student has applied for admission.

Each student is looked at on a case-by-case basis, and a maximum of nine hours can be transferred into the degree program as long as it is not over five years old and has not been used toward another degree.

If following the recommended enrollment timeline, the degree can be completed in two years and one semester.

All course material is available online and all student assignments are submitted through our web-based course management system. The courses are set up on standard semester-based terms, and assignments are due when required by the faculty member.

All transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, if you have graduate credit on a Joint Services Transcript (JST) or other Military College Transcript, such as Air University, that credit will be evaluated for up to nine hours of transfer credit.