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Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership

The Administrative Leadership graduate degree program will develop your critical leadership skills including strategic thinking, communication and team building, and will teach you how to apply them to your organization.

Specific, work-related principles are combined with a solid liberal education teaching you to approach new ideas, projects and challenges effectively by drawing upon multiple perspectives.

Leadership skills transcend all career fields.

The Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership is a 33-hour degree program completed 100% online.

degree topics include:

  • Organizational cultures
  • Theories of management and leadership
  • Ethics and leadership


  • Project management
  • Organizational communication
  • History of U.S. Military leadership

The College of Liberal Studies Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership program is designed to accommodate working adults. When a student is admitted into the program – he/she is assigned an advisor who creates an individualized graduation plan. This plan will help organize and identify the courses necessary for completing the degree. 

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  • 33 credit hours required (18 Core / 9 Elective / 6 Completion)
  • Recommended enrollments are 6 hours fall and spring semesters, 3 hours in the summer.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required for graduation.

18 hours required

LSTD 5003 Intro to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies (3 hours)
LSAL 5113 Theories of Management and Leadership (3 hours)
LSTD 5013 Interdisciplinary Foundation (3 hours)
LSTD 5043 Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies OR LSTD 5083 Qualitative Research Methods (3 hours)

LSAL 5133 Cultures of Organizations (3 hours)
LSAL 5153 Ethics and Leadership (3 hours)

9 hours required

LSAL 5173 The Individual and Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5203 Leadership Issues in Decision Making (3 hours)
LSAL 5313 Organizational Communication (3 hours)
LSAL 5333 Motivation and Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5393 The Importance of Followership (3 hours)
LSAL 5403 Leadership in History (3 hours)
LSAL 5423 Women in Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5443 Religious Leaders for Social Justice (3 hours)
LSAL 5463 U.S. Military Leadership from the Revolution to the Gulf War (3 hours)
LSAL 5483 National Security Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5700 Financial Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5700 The Citizen soldier (3 hours)
LSAL 5700 Advanced Topics in Administrative Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5920 Internship (3 hours)
LSTD 5960 Directed Readings in Interdisciplinary Studies (3 hours)

NOTE: Elective courses are offered on a rotational basis. Please check oZONE for specific semester availability.

6 hours required

LSTD 5940 Research Project
LSTD 5980 Thesis
OR 6 hours of Administrative Leadership elective coursework and written comprehensive examination


Graduate Certificates provide an opportunity for a focused program of graduate study in a specified topic. They may complete the Certificate program while enrolled in a graduate degree program, or may be admitted directly to the Certificate program. Hours taken in completion of the Graduate Certificate may be applicable to a graduate degree program. The admission, retention, and completion GPA requirements are the same as for graduate degree programs.

Program Requirements

Focused program of graduate level coursework in Administrative Leadership:

  • Minimum of 15 hours of graduate credit, including a majority of 5- and 6-000 level courses
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA required for successful completion.
  • No substitution of courses or transfer courses are allowed in the Certificate program.

Admission and Retention

Students may apply to be admitted to the Graduate College to pursue the Certificate program, or they may complete the Certificate program while currently enrolled in a graduate degree program.

For students applying for admission to pursue the Certificate, the admission requirements and process are the same as for a degree-seeking student.

Certificate students must also meet the retention requirement of a 3.0 GPA, and will be put on probation if the GPA falls below 3.0 . In this case, the student must bring the GPA up to 3.0 within the hours required for the Certificate, i.e. they may not take extra classes beyond the Certificate to boost their GPA.


The Graduate Certificate Program Report will be completed the term prior to completing the Certificate requirements.

For students enrolled in the Certificate program, the official transcript will denote the certificate program in the degree program description.
For students completing the certificate while enrolled in a graduate degree, the transcript will not indicate the certificate program.

Use of Certificate graduate credit towards a Graduate degree

Credit hours gained during a Certificate program are eligible to be applied to a graduate degree at OU. However, in all cases the specific hours that may be transferred in to the graduate degree are subject to the prevailing rules regarding transfer credit. Certificates hours completed while a student is enrolled in a graduate degree are not considered to be transfer credit.

Further information from the Graduate College

Certificate Programs:
Administrative Leadership – Graduate Certificate Program Report

Graduate Application Deadlines

Fall: July 1

Spring: December 1

Summer: May: 1