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Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership

Degree Requirements

  • 33 credit hours required
  • Recommended enrollments are 6 hours fall and spring semesters, 3 hours in the summer.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is needed for graduation.
Degree Plan
Core Courses
Student Actions/Completion
LSTD 5003 Intro to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies3X1stLSTD 5003 and LSAL 5113 must be taken in your first semester
LSAL 5113 Theories of Management and Leadership*3X1st*Prerequisite for all other courses.
LSTD 5013 Interdisciplinary Foundation3X2nd 
LSTD 5043 Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies OR LSTD 5083 Qualitative Research Methods3X2nd 
LSAL 5133 Cultures of Organizations3X3rd 
LSAL 5153 Ethics and Leadership3X3rd 
All core courses must be completed prior to taking electives.Courses must be taken in the order listed.
Electives - 9 hours required from the following or other courses as approved:
LSAL 5463 U.S. Military Leadership from the Revolution to the Gulf War3   
LSAL 5443 Religious Leaders for Social Justice3   
LSAL 5173 The Individual and Leadership3   
LSAL 5423 Perspectives on Leadership3   
LSAL 5203 Leadership Issues in Decision Making3   
LSAL 5313 Organizational Communication
LSAL 5243 Project Management3   
LSTD 5790 Advanced Topics3   
LSTD 5890 Investigative Interdisciplinary Studies3   
LSTD Advanced Topics3   
LSTD 5960 Directed Readings in Interdisciplinary Studies3   
LSTD 5920 Internship3   
Completion - 6 hours required from one of the following:
LSTD 5940 Research Project    
LSTD 5980 Thesis    
OR 6 hours of Administrative Leadership elective coursework and written comprehensive examination

____________  Final day to file Admission to Candidacy Form

____________  Final day to file Application for Graduation

____________  Final day for Comprehensive Examination

Go to the Admissions Academic Calendar for these dates. Contact the College of Liberal Studies at least 6 weeks before the submission deadlines; these dates are firm and actions are required for graduation.