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Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees

Earn your bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognized leader in adult and non-traditional education.  For more than 50 years, the College of Liberal Studies has provided quality education for designed for adult learners.

Our undergraduate degrees are flexible programs that students may complete 100% online or in a hybrid format.

Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Leadership

The Great Reading Room

The Administrative Leadership degree helps you develop the communication, strategic planning, analytical, project, & team management skills that are essential for professionals seeking a competitive advantage in the workplace. Learn more

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

The Liberal Studies degree is designed to provide students with broad-ranging exposure across academic disciplines, and familiarity with the great ideas and discoveries of past and current scholarship. Learn more

Bachelor of Arts in Lifespan Care Administration

Seed Sower

The Lifespan Care Administration degree introduces you to the theoretical, ethical, and legal issues related to caregiving and improves the essential knowledge and skills of current care facility staff and administrators. Learn more

Bachelor of Arts in World Cultural Studies

Pottery Bowl

The World Cultural Studies degree provides you an enhanced study of the Chinese culture and emphasizes using a global perspective when approaching cultural issues and concerns. Learn more

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Evans Hall

The Criminal Justice degree provides you a foundational understanding of the justice system, and helps build your leadership and conflict resolution abilities while integrating current, real-world issues. Learn more