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CBME Scholarship Program (Program of Excellence)

Program of Excellence Scholarship for Fall 2016/Spring 2017 - application deadline is February 1, 2016.

To find the online applications, log into OZone and click on the Money Tab.  The link to the scholarship applications can be found in the Scholarship information box to the left of the page.

We recommend you to apply for (non-College of Engineering) scholarships as well through the separate Financial Aid Scholarship link.

Detailed Information about the Program of Excellence Scholarship


The University freshman scholarship application makes it convenient to apply for all OU scholarships when you are planning to attend The University of Oklahoma.  Please visit this link for more information.
The deadline is February 1.

By April 1 freshmen can also apply for the Financial Aid and General Scholarship.  If you are interested visit


Additional Opportunities

Chevron Phillips Scholar-Mentor Scholarship
applicants must have successfully completed CHE2002, CHE2033 & CHE3113
(offered Fall & Spring semesters – application period early April & late November)

Laurence Reid Gas Conditioning Conference Scholarship
Junior or Senior standing according to CHE courses.
(application period late January)

International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement Scholarship
Sophomore or Junior standing  according to CHE courses.
(application period early February)

American Gas Association Scholarship
Sophomore are eligible to apply mid April.

These scholarship applications and information are emailed to the CBME students with published OU email addresses. For more information, contact Madena McGinnis at

General Scholarship Information




Scholarship Opportunity Offered Outside OU


Scholarship for UGs in Semiconductor/Nano Fields

Critical Systems is now offering the Breakthrough Technologies Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to 3rd or 4th year engineering/science students pursuing a career in Semiconductor and related specialty areas such as Nanotechnology, MEMS, Solar PV, Thin Film, or other advanced technologies. There are currently 2 scholarships being awarded annually – one Summer Award, and one Winter Award. The purpose is to help those students to meet the financial requirements as they pursue their degree, over and above any financial aid or other scholarships that they may receive.

Find more at the CSE Scholarship website

Critical Systems Scholarship

CBME Juniors & Seniors,

To apply for the Breakthrough Technologies scholarship, please open the link below for application instructions.

The open period for our Fall Scholarship Award begins Sept 15th (for a 6 week period).

Here is the link to the where the students apply: