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K12 Outreach Programs

2011 Summer Engineering Academy

July 6-8 (Teachers) and July 11-13 (Teachers and Students), 2011

A University of Oklahoma College of Engineering program designed to help high school teachers and students gain greater understanding and awareness about engineering will take place this summer at the Lawrence G. Rawl Engineering Practice Facility on the OU Norman campus. OU’s Summer Engineering Academy is composed of two three-day workshops that focus on how engineering methods help solve real-world problems. The first session is for high school teachers only, and the second session is for both students and teachers.

The Summer Engineering Academy workshop for high school teachers is July 6, 7 and 8, and the workshop for high school students and teachers is July 11, 12 and 13. There are no fees or charges to participate in the academy, and teachers and students can apply online. Enrollment is limited, and the deadline for student and teacher applications is June 10.

During the first three-day session, high school teachers work with OU graduate students and professors, who help them learn how to better integrate science, mathematics and engineering concepts into the classroom. The goal is to help science and math teachers learn an effective teaching approach that will create excitement and understanding about how engineering innovations improve our life, fuel economic growth and safeguard the environment.

During the academy’s second three-day workshop, the newly educated high school teachers put their skills into practice by leading high school students through creative problem-based learning experiences designed to connect what they learn in science and math classes with what goes on in the outside world. This year’s Summer Engineering Academy will offer students the chance to get hands on experience in computer engineering by exploring color processing and learning about hexadecimal and binary numbers; a review of growth models will incorporate aspects of environmental engineering; and an investigation into light and bioluminescence will encompass aspects of chemical and bio- engineering.

Teachers can learn more about enrolling in this OU College of Engineering program by contacting Chris Dalton at (405) 325-1915 or There is no cost for this professional development course, and teachers who are accepted into the Summer Engineering Academy program will receive a stipend for participating in both three-day sessions.  Teachers may apply here.

High school students who have completed Algebra 1 and Physical Science are eligible for application to the Summer Engineering Academy. There is no program cost for students, and online registration can be found here.  For more detailed student information, call (405) 325-1915 or e-mail

CoE 98th Annual Open House

October 29, 2010

Since 1912, the students of the University of Oklahoma have had the pleasure of extending an invitation to area high school students to participate in the Engineering Open House, the oldest and most successful recruiting event on the University of Oklahoma campus.  High school students from across the state come to Norman each year to sample what the OU Engineering programs have to offer.
Academic testing and engineering design competitions are the highlights of this event.  These competitions are designed to allow students to display their knowledge of math, science, and logic areas.  The annual Engineering Open House allows tomorrow’s engineers and scientists to get started today.
Academic testing is divided into four categories: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science.  The engineering design competitions include the Egg Drop, Mouse Trap Vehicle, Model Bridge, Ping-Pong Ball Launcher, Miniature Oil Derrick, Design-Build-Fly Glider and Tower Construction.  Your students will compete with other students from across Oklahoma, and students who display exceptional knowledge and skill will be awarded medals.
In order for you and your students to better appreciate what the College of Engineering has to offer, information booths and tours of the College are available for everyone.  The tours allow you to view the four main engineering buildings to examine projects currently in progress and to meet representatives from various engineering disciplines.
To show our appreciation for your efforts as a high school counselor, free counselor reception room with refreshments will be provided in ExxonMobil Lawrence G. Rawl Engineering Practice Facility 261. The students of the College of Engineering sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit to the University of Oklahoma and the College of Engineering’s 98th annual Open House.