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Deborah Trytten of the School of Computer Science

Deborah Trytten

Associate Professor

Phone:  (405) 325-4299 | Office:  DEH 234


PhD, Computer Science, Michigan State University
MS, Computer Science, Michigan State University
MS, Applied Mathematics, Michigan State University
BA, Physics and Mathematics, Albion College
Acting Associate Director and Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma
Interim Director and Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma
Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
Visiting Researcher, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne
Instructor of Mathematics, William Penn College

Qualitative research in engineering education focusing on minority and under-represented populations, educational gaming, and computer science education.

Dr. Deborah A. Trytten an associate professor in the School Computer Science at the University of Oklahoma. She received a BA in physics and mathematics from Albion College. She has MS degrees in both applied mathematics and computer science, and a PhD in computer science from Michigan State University. Dr. Trytten's current research interests include: gender and ethnic/racial diversity issues in engineering education, undergraduate education in computer science, and the educational use of computer games. Dr. Trytten has authored papers in venues including the Journal of Engineering Education, the Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education, the American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition, College Teaching, Pattern Recognition, and the Frontiers in Education Conference. She has been an investigator on more than thirty grants and contracts from the NSF, the United States Department of Education, and several state agencies.

Board of Regents Superior Teaching Award 2011.
Member: IEEE, ACM, ASEE.
OU Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award, 2009. 
Program evaluator for ABET, Inc. 
Founding member of the Sooner Engineering Education Center(SEED).
Founding member of the Research Institute for STEM Education (RISE).

U.S. Department of Education Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP), “K20 Pathways to SUCCESS (Sowing University and College Connections Early in Student's Studies)", PI Mary John O’Hair, Co-PIs: Scott Wilson, Deborah Trytten, $17M July 2008-July 2014.
NSF STEM Talent Expansion Program, “Portraying Success Among URM Engineering Majors”, PI Randa Shehab; Co-PIs Jeanette Davidson, Teri J. Murphy, Teri Reed Rhoads, Deborah Trytten, and Susan Walden, $1.4M, Jan 2005-Dec 2007.Supplement funded for $272K, Dec 2009.
NSF Program for Gender Equity, “Why Does It Work? A Study of Successful Gender Equity in Industrial Engineering at the University of Oklahoma”, PI Teri Murphy; Co-PIs Betty Harris, Teri Reed Rhoads, Randa Shehab, and Deborah Trytten; Project Director Susan Walden, $900K, Jan 2003-Dec 2006.

“Social Science Research in Engineering Education: Lessons Learned,” Proceedings of the 2008 American Society for Engineering Education Conference and Exhibition, Pittsburgh, PA, June 2008 (with Susan Walden and Cynthia Foor).
“Hard but not too Hard: Challenging Courses and Engineering Students,” College Teaching, Winter 2008 (with Jason Martin, Krista Hands, Steve Lancaster and Teri J. Murphy).
“I wish that I belonged more in this whole engineering group’: Achieving Individual Diversity,” Journal of Engineering Education, April 2007 (with Susan Walden and Cynthia Foor).
“Industrial Engineering Student Perceptions of Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering,” Proceedings of the 2005 Frontiers in Education Conference, 2005 (with Susan Walden and Teri Reed Rhoads).
“The Contribution of Office-Hours-Type Interactions to Female Student Satisfaction with the Educational Experience in Engineering,” Proceedings of the 2005 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exhibition, 2005 (with Stephen M. Lancaster, Susan E. Walden, and Teri J. Murphy).