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BP DEVAS & BP Engineering Academy

BP DEVAS (Discovering Engineering Via Adventure in Science) and BP Engineering Academy are selective engineering summer camps for high school students.

DEVAS focuses on young women who excel in math & science and want to learn about the exciting opportunities in engineering while the Engineering Academy focuses primarily on critically under-represented minority groups.

Fears Lab hosts a morning at the lab for these two camps.  The students form into teams to solve a structural engineering challenge posed by Dr. Ramseyer.  This problem requires the students to use a hands-on approach to solve the problem.  The structure that the students have built are then placed on the shake table and tested to failure.  This is followed up with a discussion of how engineers learn from failure and how this process has relevance in today's world.

The Fears Lab crew, from left Jesse, Ned, Kate, Seth, Cameron, David, Pat and Mike. Cassie - kneeling)
Shake table test - note the reaction to the failures
Pat and Tiffany - acting cool!
Carlos and Jesse attaching the structures to the shake table. Pat explaining the test to the students