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Undergraduate Programs

We offer some of the most exciting undergraduate ISE programs in the country. The ever-increasing demand of ISE knowledge in various fields has led to the introduction of Information Technology and Pre-Medicine options in our undergraduate programs, in addition to the standard option.

Learn more about our options for Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

New five-year programs leading to Master of Science degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering or Master of Business Administration degrees also are available to outstanding undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Student Perspectives

"I believe that the attitude of the people here makes OU IE great. Every faculty member is approachable and eager to engage in conversation, and is extremely helpful in both learning and advice. It is because of the reliability, knowledge, and personality of its individuals that I believe that OU IE is a great department."
John Rodgers, B.S. 2009
College Station, Texas

"The Industrial Engineering student population is very enriched by its diverse student body. With several opportunities for group projects and cooperative work, it is very easy to meet and network with other intelligent people."
Tobi Olusola, B.S. 2010
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma