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Teaching a Flipped Class: The Good, the Bad, and the Different

Illustration of Flipped Class comparing the traditional classroom and the flipped classroom

Flipped or not? How to incorporate meaningful practice and use class time effectively after flipping the class? How to make sure that students prepare before class (a million-dollar question revisited)? Why a flipped class is not just about videos and technology? How to fit the process into a busy professor’s life?

This presentation will discuss the process of designing, implementing, and assessing a flipped class coherently. It will also highlight the best practices of flipping a course as benchmarked at OU and other institutions. Whether you teach a small or large class, it is expected that the presentation will extend to an elaborated discussion as attendees share experiences and generate ideas. Come join us!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014
3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
112 Dale Hall

Eventbrite - Teaching Flipped Class: The Good, the Bad, and the Different


Dr. Lin portrait photo

Hong Lin
CTE Associate Director

Hong Lin leads faculty development programs, organizes faculty learning communities, manages course redesign projects, and consults with faculty to identify best pedagogical and technological solutions in traditional, blended, and online learning environments at the University of Oklahoma. Lin has been a faculty member, Instructional Designer, and Director with expertise in instructional design, educational technology, and faculty development. Before joining OU, she was the department head of Faculty Development at Oklahoma State University, where she led university-level faculty development initiatives and served on committees to enhance teaching effectiveness and technology integration into the curriculum. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in instructional design and technology. She has a doctorate in learning and performance system from Penn State