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There are many online resources already available to learn about Canvas. To get a brief overview of Canvas, check out Canvas FastTrack Video Series or Canvas All Video Guides. Alternatively, if you prefer reading and referencing a manual, there is a great guide for instructors. Collectively, there are many tutorials we recommend:

Canvas Quick Tips

Official Fall 2016 course(s) and student enrollments have been loaded to Canvas and are receiving real-time updates. As long as you are listed as the Instructor of Record in oZONE, you should see your various courses inside of Canvas (whether you opted-in for them or not).

  • Be sure to look at the listing of all of your courses.
  • If you created the course using the "New Course" button in Canvas or the course has DEV in the title, it's NOT your official course.
  • Verify the semester right above the "Home" link or in course settings. If you see Fall 2016, this is your official course (here's an example).

If you are missing any Fall 2016 courses or your student enrollments appear out-of-date, please click the Help button in the bottom left corner on Canvas to report the issue.

When you want to add additional users to your course site, you must use the OUNetID (4x4) to ensure the correct account is added. Canvas will prompt you to use an email address; however, this may not work correctly for all users. If you do want to try and add by email, ensure that you use the "default" email that is assigned to all OU accounts:

If you've already added someone with their email alias (shortened OU email address), please have them click the Help button in the bottom left corner on Canvas to report it.

We mentioned this in the last email, but wanted to remind you again: hit Publish on your Canvas course sites! OU IT will be relying on the "Published" status of your course to ensure students are directed to the proper LMS. We'll even update your D2L homepage with a snazzy graphic and redirect to Canvas. Here's what you need to know:

  • Using Canvas for a course? You must publish your official Fall 2016 course so you're students have access!
  • Still using D2L for a course? Ensure the course in Canvas remains unpublished so that OU IT knows the course is not being actively used.

Important note: Once a course has one or more graded submissions, it can no longer be unpublished.

Attend Trainings Trainings

The Center for Teaching Excellence will be hosting trainings that will cover both technological assistance and pedagogical integration in a variety of training formats. Read more about the plan for Canvas Teaching Support.

Recurring Training Programs and Consultations

Open Office Hours:

  • Questions About Canvas

Have questions about Canvas? Want to work on your Canvas course(s)? Come to our office hours to get assistance from a Canvas trainer. You are encouraged to bring your own laptop, or use our laptops. Drop by for any amount of time during the following:


Canvas Trainings:
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 | Old Science Building 103

1:00 - 1:45 P.M.Using Concept Map for Teaching and LearningRegister Here
2:00 - 2:45 P.M. Taking Attendance in CanvasRegister Here

Thursday, March 23, 2017 | Old Science Building 103

1:00 - 1:45 P.MUsing Concept Map for Teaching and LearningRegister Here
2:00 - 2:45 P.M.
Speedgrade from Your TabletRegister Here

Explore Canvas Sandbox OU Sample Courses

The purpose of this program is to promote peer sharing of using Canvas to teach within the OU community. See how other OU instructors design and develop their courses in Canvas by disciplines. If you want to make your course publically visible and keep your student data private as well, here is how.

Login to OU Canvas


View Sample Courses Courses from Other Institutions

Canvas is flexible enough to give instructors the option to openly share content and publish courses. Here are some public courses and resources to explore while thinking about developing your own courses in Canvas:

Sample Canvas Courses

Commons Courses



Search the Canvas Community The Canvas Community

Canvas has an active community of users that create and share resources. If you have any questions about Canvas, the best way to find answers is to search the Canvas Community.

While this community is a great resource to learn Canvas, it is also a place to sharing ideas and connect with other educators. In fact, there are groups of people interested accessibility, learning outcomes, teaching math, and using mobile devices with Canvas. If you are interested in finding answers or connecting with other, start exploring the Canvas Community!

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