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“To provide the best possible educational experience for our students.”

How you can lower costs for students

The prices of traditional textbooks continue to increase, further driving up the cost of Higher Education. One of the easiest ways for faculty to help control the rising costs for students is to adopt open access learning materials, low-cost digital textbooks and course packets. In most cases these forms of learning materials increase student engagement and are more appealing to digital natives.

CTE can offer support on several levels

CTE can help find open access or low cost options for your course material based on your current textbook and learning objectives. Once these materials are evaluated and chosen, we can work together on integrating the learning materials into your course.

CTE will offer several group training sessions on using tools to create, find and aggregate open access or low-cost learning resources. Keep an eye out for these group training sessions as they are still in development. Once available, we will post them on our website, send notifications to faculty and contacted interested faculty.

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If you're interested in exploring how you can offer your students open access, low-cost digital textbooks and sourcebooks, contact the Center for Teaching Excellence.