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The University of Oklahoma
DRC Tulsa

Registration Process

  • Meet all admission and academic standards.
  • Self-identify and submit documentation with requested accommodations.  All forms of documentation are valuable in understanding how a student's disability is connected to a barrier and how an accommodation can provide access.  Documentation should provide enough information to illustrate the connection to a barrier and the requested accommodation (Refer to Documentation Guidelines).
  • DRC staff will review the information and send an e-mail to the student's university e-mail account. Students can expect to receive an initial response within 15 University business days of the Center's receipt of the information.
  • Determinations on additional documentation, if any, will be made during the initial meeting. If the information provided does not clearly describe how the disability is connected to a barrier and how an accommodation would provide access, additional information may be requested at the students' expense.
  • At the initial intake DRC staff will engage in an interactive process to discuss student's previous educational experiences, past use of accommodations, and what has been effective in providing access. Students will also be introduced to their rights and responsibilities in postsecondary education.
  • Accommodations are then developed to promote an equal educational opportunity.



Students with Disabilities Preparing for Post secondary Education:  Know your Rights and Responsibilities

A publication by the Office for Civil Rights:
For more information select this link: