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Graduate Research Assistant Opportunities

The Zarrow Center provides opportunities for graduate students to become involved at many different levels in ongoing research and demonstration projects. Benefits include a monthly stipend plus tuition and fee waivers, a desk at the Zarrow Center, computer, and access to additional support. Students typically work 20 hours per week. 

As students gain experience and demonstrate their competence, opportunities to become more actively involved in research activities increase. Students interested in an assistantship need to send an application letter indicating desire for the assistantship. In the letter include a brief academic history and the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of at least three people who can be contacted to serve as references. Include a recent resume or vita. Send the letter and vita to:  Dr. Jim Martin, The University of Oklahoma, Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment, 338 Cate Center Drive, Room 190, Norman, OK 73019.

Selection preference will be given to graduate students in the Department of Educational Psychology, with priority given to Special Education Program graduate students. Students from other departments may apply. Current or past graduate assistantships have been awarded to students from the three Department of Educational Psychology program areas, with most going to students obtaining special education graduate degrees. The number of assistantships available for the academic year and summer vary based upon available funding.