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OTI Teams

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The creation of Oklahoma Transition Teams has allowed the collaboration and coordination of various professionals in the field of secondary transition education. Teams composed of teachers, administrators, parents, vocational rehabilitative counselors, and others develop goals appropriate for their schools and communities. The teams meet on a regular basis to work toward these goals and provide transition education to their members. To access the most current list of OTI teams and team plans click on the team name listed below.

2013 - 8th OTI Team Plans

Canadian Valley


Duncan-Red River

Eastern County

Francis Tuttle

Gordon Cooper

Great Plains

High Plains

Indian Capital










North Central



Sallisaw Indian Capital

South Tulsa

Southern Ardmore






To access OTI team members click on the specific OTI team below.

Building Meaningful Transition Communities, Caddo Kiowa, Canadian Valley-Chickasha, Central, Francis Tuttle, Gordon Cooper, Great Plains, Green Country, Muskogee Indian Capital, High Plains-Pioneer-NW, Kiamichi Atoka, Kiamichi Durant, Kiamichi Hugo, Kiamichi McAlister, Meridian, Metro, Mid America-Wes Watkins, Mid Del, Moore, NE Afton, NE Pryor, Norman, North Tulsa, Owasso Area, Ponca City, Pontotoc, Red River-Duncan, Sallisaw Indian Capital, South Tulsa, Southern Ardmore, Southwest Altus, Stillwater, Tri County, Tulsa, West

2011 Follow-Up Check and Connect Revised Team Plans

Below are the revised 2010 OTI team plans received at the OTI Check and Connect Meeting in February 2011. To view a revised plan, click on the team link below:

2010 OTI Team Plans from 5th OTI

The Fifth Annual Oklahoma Transition Institute was held on September 14, 15, and 16, 2010 at the OU OCCE Thurman J. White Forum. The Institute was attended by 30 of the 34 Oklahoma Transition Teams. Participants attended content breakout sessions and met to develop a team plan using the new NSTTAC Planning Tool. The team plans focus on Student Development and Student-Focused Planning transition education. All of the teams are listed below with a link to the team plan and the contact information for the team leader/s.  Click on the team name to access the team planning tool for Student Development and Student-Focused Planning.

Building Meaningful Transition Communities (BMTC) (SE OK)        
Sheila Glover-Godwin                          

Caddo Kiowa
Pam Laubach                           
Sue Pond                     

Canadian Valley          
Jill Oliver                                            

John Parker-Kempf                            

Shelly Bell                                         

Francis Tuttle         
Bonnie Allen                                    
Kathy Butler                

Gordon Cooper         
Pam Leone                           
Melissa Crabtree          

Great Plains         
Kristy Barnett                                    

Green Country         
Treva Kirtley                                      

High Plains/Pioneer/NW                                            

Kiamichi Durant         
Lori McCoy                                           

Kiamichi Hugo         
Tina Jefferys                                      

Kiamichi McAlester/Atoka        
Archie McMullen                               
Jennifer Sliger               

Anne Belanus                    
Josh Hawkins               

Denise North                                      

Mid America-Wes Watkins        
Kay Crothers                                        
Mike Layne                  

Mid Del         
Carl Perkins                                       

Betsy LeFrancois               
Michelle Batson                          

Muskogee Indian Capital        
Kelly Kaulay                           
Janet Stowers               

NE Afton (North)         
Susan Allen                           

NE Pryor (South)         
Glinna Fleming                                   

Marcie Stickney                                  

North Central Area Transition Team (NCATT) (Kay County Area)         
Sheila Conrady                                  
James Schlup               

Owasso Area Transtion Team        
Esther Watkins                                   

LaDeana Andrews                 
Sherri Coats                  

Red River/Duncan        
Wendy Bohannan                                

Sallisaw Indian Capital         
Tammy Hall                                         

South Tulsa      
John Hilborn                                       

Southern Ardmore        
Beverly Goeders                                  

Southwest (Altus)         
Tim Rabalais                                        

Melanie Eick                                         

Tri County       
Krista McKelvin                                     

Leesa Nelson-Whitlow                 
Melinda Lucas                 

JoDee Adney                       

2009 OTI Team Plans from 4th OTI            

The Fourth Annual Oklahoma Transition Institute took place from September 10-12, 2009. Oklahoma Transition Teams finished a planning tool. The planning tool consisted of three parts, which included: current implementation assessment, needs assessment, and setting goals and planning. The 2009 OTI teams, the team leader and leader's e-mail address are listed below. When you click on the team name, you will access their team planning tool for Interagency Collaboration & Program Structures.

Building Meaningful Transition Communities

Caddo Kiowa

Canadian Valley-Chickasha



Gordon Cooper

Great Plains

Green Country and Muskogee Indian Capital

High Plains-Pioneer-NW

Kiamichi Atoka

Kiamichi Durant

Kiamichi Hugo

Kiamichi McAlister



Mid-America-Wes Watkins

Mid Del


NE Afton (North)

NE Pryor (South)


Owasso Area

Ponca City


Red River-Duncan

Sallisaw Indian Capital

South Tulsa

Southern Ardmore

Southwest Altus





2008 OTI Team Plans from 3rd OTI

The Third Annual Oklahoma Transition Institute took place from September 3-5, 2008. Oklahoma Transition Teams finished a planning tool. The planning tool consisted of three parts, which included: current implementation assessment, needs assessment, and setting goals and planning. The 2008 OTI teams, the team leader and leader's e-mail address are listed below. When you click on the team name, you will access their team planning tool for Family Involvement & Program Characteristics.


Caddo Kiowa- Pam Laubach

Canadian Vally/Chickasha- Peggy Castleberry-

Central- Robert


Francis Tuttle- Bonnie

Gordon Cooper

Great Plains- Kristy Barnett-

Green Country- Cynthia Kidd-

High Plains/Pioneer/NW-James Jones-


Indian Capital

McAlester-Dorothy Ward



Mid-America Wes Watkins- Mike Layne-

Moore- Michelle Batson

Muskogee- Tammy Hall

NE Afton- Johnie

NE Pryor-Allan

Norman- Marcie Stickney-

Ponca City-Sheila


Red River/Duncan-Wendy

Southern Ardmore-Beverly


Stillwater- Melanie

Tri County- Terry

Tulsa North-Esther

Tulsa South-John Hilborn-


2007 OTI Team Plans from 2nd OTI

The Second Annual Oklahoma Transition Institute occurred June 25-27, 2007. During the institute, Oklahoma Transition Teams completed a planning tool. The planning tool focused on three primary areas. The areas included assessing current Implementation, identifying strengths and needs and setting goals and planning. Below are the OTI teams, their leader and the e-mail addresses of the leaders. When you click on the team name, you will access their Team Planning Tool for Student-Focused Planning and Student Development Practices.

Altus-High Plains- Pioneer -- Sheila Shafer-Conrady-

Atoka -- Jennifer Sliger -

Caddo Kiowa/Great Plains --Letha Wilson-

Canadian Valley Chickasha - Peggy Castleberry & Kay Kerr-

Central -- Starla Bilyeu

Durant -- Paula Knight-

Francis Tuttle -- Bonnie Allen-

Gordon Cooper Tech -- Hannah Watson -

Green Country/Indian Capital - Tom Fagalde-

Hugo/Idabel -- Diana Kizer-

Mid-Del/Eastern Oklahoma County -- Carl Perkins -

McAlester -- Dorothy Ward-

Meridian -- Jana Collins -

Metro -- Denise North-

Mid America- Wes Watkins -- Mike Layne -

Norman/Moore/Noble -- Marcie Stickney -

Muskogee -- Tammy Hall -

NE Afton -- Johnie Freeze -

NE Pryor -- Allan King -

Pontotoc County -- Brenda Brasher -

Red River/Duncan -- Melissa Davis -

Southern Ardmore -- Beverly Goeders -

Southwest -- Tim Rabalais -

Tri-County Tech -- Debi Hopkins -

Tulsa North Team combined copy.doc-- Esther Watkins -

Tulsa South -- John

WEST (Western Educators Supporting Transition) -- Tammie Jones -

2006 OTI Team Plans from 1st OTI

The First Annual Oklahoma Transition Institute took place May 1-3, 2006. Each Oklahoma Transition Team completed a planning tool. Below are the individual 2006 OTI Team plans. The plans include team members, goals, specific goal-related activities, outputs and products, expected outcomes, potential indicators and data sources. The document with all the team plans together can also be accessed below.

OTI 2006 Team Plans

Caddo_Kiowa Team

Canadian Valley



Francis Tuttle

Great Plains

Indian Capital




Mid Del


North Tulsa


South Tulsa