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Zarrow Center Presentations

As a means to disseminate the work being conducted at the Zarrow Center, we have conducted numerous workshops and conference presentations at international, national, regional, and local venues. The following materials provide a representative sample of the many presentations and workshops we have delivered. Please feel free to use or modify these materials to improve self-determination oriented transition educational practices.

2016 DADD Conference in Honolulu, HI

The Transition Assessment and Goal Generator (TAGG): A New Transition Assessment

2015 DCDT Conference in Portland, OR

TAGG: A New Online Transition Assessment Presentation

Transition Assessment: Part of the Academic Framework Presentation

New CEC/DCDT Transition Standards Presentation

Shades of Grey: Legislative Update Presentation

Never Give Up! Building School-Wide Culturally Relevant Transition Education Opportunities: Reflections on What We've Learned Presentation

2015 Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma