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Educator Phase IV Training Module

Before Agreeing to be Part of the Phase IV Study, Review the Training and Administration PowerPoint (with audio) or Download the PDF Document

Please review the Phase IV TAGG Training PowerPoint presentation detailing your responsibilities and the compensation schedule for your time and effort for being involved in Phase IV of the TAGG study.  Review the entire presentation, then follow the instructions at the end if you would like to participate in this project.

Phase IV TAGG Training (PPT)  (to hear audio, view the PPT in 'slide show' mode)


If you would rather read the information or if you have trouble downloading the PowerPoint presentation, please download the readable .pdf file by clicking on the link below.

Phase IV TAGG Training script (PDF)


The TAGG study materials have been translated into Spanish.  Please let us know if you, your students, or their family members need translated materials. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Project Coordinator Dr. Amber McConnell at 405-325-8951 or email her at