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Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators

National Evaluation Systems, Inc. (NES)

General Information for All Exams

All state required exams (OGET, OSATs, and OPTE) must have been successfully completed before you can apply for any kind of teaching license in the State of Oklahoma. On each exam you must make a composite score of 240 (out of 300) in order to pass.  Please consult the Certification Exams for Oklahoma Educators website for information as to whether each specific test is available as a computer-based or paper-based exam. 

You are recommended at specific points in your program for each exam. You are encouraged to register and take each exam within the same semester you are recommended. This is to assure the information you are being tested on is still fresh in your mind and to assure you are not delayed in applying for your license at the end of your program. Your adviser will give you a recommendation form for each individual exam or could mark more than one exam on the form. However, you are encouraged to take only one exam per testing date to assure your best performance on the exams.

You must have your adviser's recommendation in order to receive a registration packet for the exams. This is required even if you plan to register online.  

All exam dates are Saturdays.

All exams are given in four-hour testing sessions with the exception of the elementary OSATs (details below). However, if you finish in less than the four hours allotted you are free to turn your materials in and leave. 

Study guides are available for all exams. Students are always encouraged to review a guide. Study guides offer you a list of the competencies for each exam so that you can identify areas of competencies with which you are less familiar. They can help you identify appropriate resources that you may use in studying the content of those competencies. You may order study guides by mail. They cost $6 and take about 2-4 weeks to be delivered. You can download them at no charge from the web site listed in your registration packet or you can check them out from the Curriculum Library located in Collings Hall Room 150. The exceptions for the last option are the elementary education OSAT and the OPTE exams. You may borrow the OGET and all other OSAT study guides there at no charge. You are obligated to return borrowed copies. 

Make sure you receive your admission ticket in the mail by the date listed on the back cover of your testing registration packet.

This ticket serves two purposes - to inform you of the testing site address and to assign your personal verification number. Without this number you will not be allowed into the testing facility and your money will not be refunded. Contact NES at the telephone number listed in your registration packet if you do not receive your ticket by the date given in the registration information.

Read your registration packets carefully!

You will find useful information beyond registration information that will answer many of the questions you may have pertaining to test formatting, policies, scoring weights, reporting dates, alternative testing arrangements and accommodations, etc. 

All questions regarding testing may be addressed to Jamie Aldridge, Certification Officer.  She is located in Collings Hall, Room 100, and her office hours are 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may call Ms. Aldridge at 325-2108 or e-mail

OGET Exam (Oklahoma General Education Test) 

This exam is a general education exam that will test you over your courses in high school and your general education courses in college. It is designed to assess state core general education knowledge and skills, including critical thinking, computation, and communications. It will test you on math, science, social studies, language arts, reading comprehension, fine arts, and written communication skills. The exam is multiple choice with a written essay. The OGET is given in the morning only.

OSAT Exams (Oklahoma Subject Area Test) 

The OSAT exams will test you over specific information related to your specialized area of study. i.e. - math, elementary, special education, etc. OSATs are given both mornings and afternoons. You will be given a choice as to which session you prefer to attend.  

Each individual OSAT will have formatting exclusive to the subject area. Your registration packet and the study guides will give you specific information regarding formatting of the individual OSAT you are registering to take. Elementary OSATs are divided into two two-hour subtests. Subtest One covers reading/language arts/social studies. Subtest Two covers mathematics/science/health & fitness/fine arts. You will be recommended to take both tests the same testing date. You may take both in the morning or both in the afternoon, but you may not split them between the morning and afternoon sessions.

OPTE (Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination)

The OPTE exam is designed to assess professional knowledge and skills needed by entry-level Oklahoma educators. It will test you over the pedagogy of teaching. The OPTE includes both selected response questions and a constructed response section that consists of three written performance assignments: a Critical Analysis Module, a Student Inquiry Module, and a Teacher Assignment Module. The OPTE is offered in the afternoon only.  

There are two different OPTE exams. You will need to choose the one that relates to your program classification. The two exams are as follows. The PK-8 OPTE is designed for those seeking certification in elementary or early childhood education. The 6-12 OPTE is for those seeking certification in the secondary areas such as math, science, social studies, and language arts. Those who are seeking a PK-12 certification such as special education, vocal/instrumental music education, and speech pathology will be allowed to choose the OPTE they prefer. However, your grade classification designated on your license will read PK-12 even though you take only one OPTE.

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