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Field Experience

Field Experience placement is based on giving students a wide range of experiences. Therefore, every effort is made to make each placement different in level and setting. Students are required to do field experiences in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Additionally, they are required to do field experiences in a variety of grade levels.

Level I Field Experience

The Level I Field Experience is coupled with the course, Cognition, Motivation, and Classroom Management (EIPT 3483), with focus on the learner, and learning, and teaching. Students observe in the classroom and work with individual students and small groups of students. Level 1 requires 20 hours of field experience.

Level II Field Experience

The Level II Field Experience is a component of the course, Schools in American Cultures (EDS 4003). The activities include getting to know more about the overall school and interacting with adults involved in school. Students do a variety of activities including interviewing school professionals and working with small groups of students. Level 2 requires 29 hours of field experience.

Level III Field Experience

The Level III Field Experience is connected to students' methods courses. The field experiences in these courses vary by certification area. Generally, a student must complete at least a 20-hour field experience at Level 3.

Student Teaching Internship

The Level IV Field Experience is the Student Teaching/Internship, (EDUC 4050 or EDUC 5920, depending on program area) which consists of 16 weeks in the classroom. This experience provides the intern with an opportunity to apply academic study and experience as a professional teacher in the classroom. It also permits the intern to translate theory into practice under the guidance of a classroom teacher and a university supervisor.