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General Program Requirements

The M. Ed. in Instructional Psychology and Technology (IPT) is a 36 semester hour program.  All but one of the program options culminates in a Comprehensive Examination.  The Instructional Psychology and Technology option offers students the choice of a master's thesis or the Comprehensive Examination.  While specific course requirements are listed under each component of the program, the following general requirements govern all specializations.  The following are the minimum requirements of the Graduate College, and, therefore, apply to all masters programs:

  1. 36 graduate semester hours of credit 
  2. Minimum 16 semester hours taught by OU faculty 
  3. Minimum 16 semester hours of on‑campus credit 
  4. Course work must be completed within five years 
  5. "B" (3.0) grade average must be maintained 
  6. Satisfactory completion of Comprehensive Examination or thesis 
  7. Course sequence and selection must be approved by faculty advisor 
  8. A maximum of 8 graduate semester hours may be accepted for transfer upon approval of advisor and the graduate college