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Instructional Design and Technology

The Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) emphasis focuses on development of the knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation and management of instructional design and development projects in a variety of settings. This emphasis provides opportunities to develop expertise in a wide range of instructional technologies and associated best practices. Applied skills, psychological foundations of learning, visual communication, and instructional design are central to this emphasis, which leads to jobs with titles such as Instructional Designer, Developer, and/or Trainer (whether for traditional face-to-face, online, hybrid, text-based, game-based, simulations-based, or other instructional contexts), These professionals work with content experts to develop training and instructional programs for K-12 and higher education, business, industry, government, and non-profit settings. The requirements are as follows:

Total hours required: THESIS = 30 hours; Thesis research = 6 hours; NON-THESIS = 36 hours

Required Courses (24 hours)

EIPT 5203 – Measurement and Evaluation in Education

EIPT 5533 – Introduction to Instructional Technology

EIPT 5183 – Motivation and Learning in the Classroom

EIPT 5940 – IDT Lab

EIPT 6143 – Instructional Design I

EIPT 6343 – Instructional Design Theories, Models, and Strategies

EIPT 6503 – Development of Text-Based Instruction

EIPT 6523 – Visual Literacy for Educational Media Production

Electives (6-12 hours; 6 if thesis, 12 if non-thesis) may be selected with advisor approval from the courses listed below; any other courses must be approved by advisor in advance.

Media Development & Production
EIPT6313: Multimedia Design & Development for Learning

EIPT6423: Web Based Instruction

EIPT6533: Educational Modeling, Simulations, & Games

Theory and Design
EIPT 5113 – Educational Psychology of Human Development

EIPT 5513 – Teaching with Technology

EIPT6333: Computers as Cognitive Tools

EIPT6433: Theories, Pedagogies, & Tools for Online Learning

EIPT6533: Design & Development of Open-Ended Learning Environments

EIPT6153: Motivation and Emotion

EIPT6173: Management of Instructional Technology

EIPT6163: Instructional Design & Development II

Research & Evaluation
EIPT 5023 – Analysis of Quantitative Data I

EIPT 5033 – Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education

EIPT 6203 – Instrument Development

EIPT 6213 – Advanced Measurement Theories

EIPT 6023 – Analysis of Quantitative Data II

EIPT 6043 – Qualitative Research Methods

EIPT 6073  - Program Evaluation