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Special Education Program

Our mission is to improve educational and life/community living outcomes for people
with diabilities and their families through: (a) development and dissemination of new knowledge, (b) provision of educational experiences through quality personnel preparation, and (c) provision of service and leadership to the field of education.

The program offers Bachelor with special education certification, Master of Education (with or without special education certification), and Doctoral Degrees.

 Bachelor’s Program

The bachelor degree program in special education is designed to prepare students to become certified teachers in mild-moderate disabilities. The program is designed for students to complete in four years.

  Master's Program

The master’s degree program in special education is designed to prepare master educators to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in schools and other natural environments.

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program is primarily designed to prepare teacher educators and researchers/scholars to assume positions in higher education.  Graduates also seek careers as special educational leaders in other settings.

Special Education also offers the following non-degree programs: a Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Certification, Certificate Programs in Secondary Transition Education and Applied Behavior Analysis.

  Certificate Program in Secondary Transition Education

The Graduate College Certificate in Secondary Transition Education is designed to prepare students to become transition specialists.

  Certificate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis

The Graduate College Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis is designed to prepare students to take the exam to become a Board Certified Behavior Analysis. Students must have at least a Masters Degree in special education or a related field, or be concurrently enrolled in an OU Graduate Degree Program.