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The minimum credit hour requirement for the Ph.D. in Adult and Higher Education is 95. This number is inclusive of credit hours gained in the student's master's degree program (this has no time limit) or any post-master's work not enveloped in a degree (these credit hours can be accepted as long as they are no older than five years). Potentially up to 44 credit hours may be considered contingent on the student's career objective and the best judgment of the student's doctoral committee. The required credit hours can consist of courses in the program area and outside, practica, independent studies, research tools, and dissertation hours. Learning opportunities and experiences not covered by coursework but are judged to be necessary for the student's development will be covered in residency requirements.  For a list of EDAH courses offered, see this PDF. Also note that special topics courses are offered on a regular basis.

Residency Requirement

The doctoral degree is more than a series of courses, and successful candidates must show evidence of the ability to engage in scholarship, whether as professors or practitioners. The purpose of the residency requirement is to promote and ensure the quality of academic and professional growth. A variety of activities beyond the traditional course work, examinations, and dissertation research is necessary for complete preparation. Therefore, the intent of the residency requirements is to both broaden and extend those experiences that will enhance the student's skills and abilities. These activities include: (a) research, writing and speaking, (b) professional service, (c) teaching, (d) development, consultation, and project management and (e) general professional participation.

The residency plan will be reviewed and approved during the Advisory Conference. Students should submit a list of activities and expected products which represent competency in each of the major categories of residency activities. The student may include activities that are a part of their current professional responsibilities, but must be prepared to demonstrate to the doctoral committee how doctoral study has impacted this work.

Research Proficiencies

Minimum research proficiencies consist of the following:

    I.               Introduction to Research Design for PhD Students

    II.              Quantitative Series, I & II

    III.            Qualitative Series, I & II

    IV.            Advanced Research Methodology / Methods Courses based on dissertation interests (Quant,                         Qual, Mixed, Historical)

    V.              Prospectus Development

A minimum of 21 hours is required to establish minimum proficiency in these five areas.  All research related credits count toward the minimum 95 hours required for the degree.


Intro to Doctoral Research (one course)

EDAH 6970   
Pro Seminar (Research Design in Adult and Higher Education)

Quantitative (one sequence; EDAH recommends Sequence A unless otherwise discussed with your advisor)

Sequence A EIPT 5023
EIPT 6023

Quantitative Data Analysis I
Quantitative Data Analysis II

Sequence B PSY 5003
PSY 5013

Psychological Statistics I
Psychological Statistics II

Sequence C SOC 5283
SOC 6233

Advanced Social Statistics I
Advanced Social Statistics II

Sequence D PSC 5913
PSC 5933
Intro to Analysis of Pol & Ad Data
Intermediate Analysis of Pol Data


Qualitative Research (one sequence; EDAH recommends Sequence A unless otherwise discussed with your advisor)

Sequence A EDAH 6193


Foundations of Qualitative Inquiry in Adult and Higher Education
In-Depth Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry in Educational Research

Sequence B EDS 6933

Naturalistic & Qualitative Research
In-Depth Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry in Educational Research

Sequence C EIPT 6043
EIPT 6083

Qualitative Research Methods I
Qualitative Research Methods II

Sequence D ANTH 5023
ANTH 5123

Intro to Sociocultural Anth I
Intro to Sociocultural Anth II


Advanced Research (one course based on potential dissertation research design)

Quantitative Research Methods

EIPT 6063 Advanced Multivariate Statistics in Educational Research

EIPT 6033 Research Methods in Education

PSY 6073 Experimental Design

PSY 5043 Quantitative Methods in Evaluation Research


Qualitative and/or Historical Research Methods

ANTH 5213 Ethnographic Methods

ANTH 5213 Research Design

COMM 5313/SOC 5313 Qualitative Methods

COMM 6013 Interaction Analysis

COMM 6013 Content Analysis

COMM 6013 Conversation Analysis

EDAH/EDS 6943 In-Depth Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry in Educational Research
(if not in sequence above)

EDS 6973 Documentary & Narrative Research

PSC 5940 Qualitative Research Methods

Soc 5293 Advanced Method of Social Research


Mixed Methods

EIPT 6223 Mixed-Methods Research


Prospectus Development (3 hours)

EDAH/EACS/EDS 6970 Prospectus Development


Note: Depending on the student’s research interests, other courses listed below may be in the student’s program of study as electives, but may not substitute for any of the above requirements

COMM 5113 Nonverbal Communication: Theory and Research
EDS 6970
Writing Education Inquiry
EDS 6970

Gender Knowledge
LIS 5523
On-line Retrieval