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Doctoral Coursework

A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  In May 2010 the Educational Studies Faculty have formulated and approved unanimously some amendments to the Ph.D. program with the explicit purpose of minimizing both (1) advisory confusion and (2) the necessity of EDS doctoral students’ petitions to the Graduate College Dean to deviate from the program now on the Graduate College’s books.  If approved by the Graduate Council, these proposed amendments will bring the Educational Studies Ph.D. program requirements officially into conformity with the majority of EDS doctoral students’ current programs of study.

The EDS faculty’s proposed amendments to the Ph.D. program requirements are signified below by crimson type.  They consist of (1) an expanded Foundational Core, (2) a fourth option for the major, (3) an option for a Second Major, (4) two new Research Proficiencies courses to be offered, and (5) clarification of the two categories of Research Proficiencies requirements.  Notes in black type below indicate aspects of the current Graduate College listing of EDS Ph.D. program requirements that have been proposed for revision or removal.

In addition to those proposed amendments, all indicated here, a more rational course numbering system is under construction within the Graduate College, not yet designated here.  Watch this website for that forthcoming update about changes in course numbering.

Total hours required=95

Maximum number of Dissertation Hours=15 (Minimum Number of Dissertation Hours=5)

Research Proficiencies count as part of the hours for the degree.


Required Courses  (36 hours minimum)

Foundational Core (12 hours minimum, currently 9 hours minimum)

Interdisciplinary Educational Studies (3 hours)

EDS 5003 School & Society  or EDS 5033 Critical Literature in Adult & Higher Education

Philosophy of Education (3 hours)

EDS 5753 Educational Thought of John Dewey or EDS 5783 Classics in Educational Thought

History of Education (3 hours)

EDS 5943 American Social & Educational Issues in Historical Perspective  or EDS 6793 History of American Education

Sociology of Education (3 hours)

EDS 5703 Sociology of Education  or   EDS 5913 Cultural Pluralism in Education

Major  (15 hours minimum)

Fifteen hours in one of the following areas – Interdisciplinary Educational Studies (with a specified topical focus), Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Sociology of Education.  At least 12 hours of the Major must consist of EDS courses, but neither Foundational Core coursework nor Research Proficiencies coursework may count toward the Major.

Minor  (9 hours minimum),  OR  Second Major (15 hours minimum)

9 hours in any field(s) (such as an applied, disciplinary, or interdisciplinary specialty) directly relevant to the topical focus of the major and of the dissertation.  This Minor may be expanded to a Second Major (15 hours minimum) upon appointment of an Advisory Committee co-chair in the Second Major field.  Neither Foundational Core coursework nor Research Proficiencies coursework may count toward the Minor or Second Major.

Research Proficiencies  (12 hours minimum from the two categories)

Approaches to Educational Inquiry  (9 hours minimum, three courses minimum, selected from this menu*, to replace the current category “Basic”)

EDS 6970        Introduction to Educational Inquiry (piloted spring 2009)

EDS 6930 or 6990      

Conceptual & Linguistic Analysis in Education

EIPT 5033        Introduction to Research & Evaluation

EDS 6010        Writing Educational Inquiry

EDS 6013        Gender, Knowledge & Inquiry

EDS 6933        Naturalistic & Qualitative Inquiry in Education

EDS 6970        Pro-Seminar

EDS 6970        Advanced Qualitative Inquiry in Education

EDS 6973        Documentary & Narrative Inquiry in Education

*When deemed appropriate to the dissertation by the Advisory Committee, a student may substitute for one of the above courses one more appropriate research course from any of the following departments:  Anthropology, Communication, Educational Psychology, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Sociology.

Plans for Dissertation Inquiry  (3 hours minimum, one course minimum, to be completed following Admission to Doctoral Candidacy, to replace the current category “Dissertation-Oriented”)

EDS 6033 Inquiry Design or EDAH/EACS 6970 Prospectus Development

ADVISORY NOTE:  The current program’s “Basic” and “Dissertation-Orieented” categories of Research Proficiencies are organized somewhat differently, indeed less clearly and rationally, than the above two new categories.  Although differently categorized in the proposed program revision, the Research Proficiencies courses themselves remain exactly the same, except for the proposed two new ones in crimson type