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Graduate Student Research in the College

A series of two minute talks by current and former Rainbolt College graduate students

Graduate students in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education at The University of Oklahoma are engaged in important, and sometimes, groundbreaking research.  In talks of approximately two minutes, OU graduate students briefly describe some of their work.

Florence McCann Ph.D., recipient of OU's Outstanding Dissertation Award

Dissertation: Engineers’ self perceptions and a strategy for fostering authentic images of engineers and scientists among elementary school students

Sri Jackie Murtiningsih, IPT-Ed Psy Ph.D. student

Dissertation working title: Indonesian student teachers’ beliefs and practices in teaching L2 reading

Jason Herron, IPT-Ed Psy Ph.D. student

Dissertation: Organizational processes of problem-solving groups with an informed minority

Mylo Miller - EACS Ed.D. candidate

Dissertation working title: An outcome-based evaluation of an inner-city college preparatory public charter high school

Robin Stroud - EDS Ph.D. STUDENT

Dissertation working title: Carceral Christianization as a religious problem of generations

Jane Fisher, ILAC-English Ed. Ph.D. Student

Master's thesis title: Nonfiction as exploration                                        

Anastasia Wickham, Ph.D.

Dissertation: We can’t dance every day: New teachers seeking balance



Andrae Mc Connell - ILAC-English Education PH.D. student

Master'sThesis: The teacher scholar: Improving teachers’ perceptions of professional development through lesson study and extended collaboration

Stacy Schrank, Ph.D.

Dissertation: The relationship between self-directed learning readiness and learning style preferences on employee learning in a public library system

Johnnie-Margaret McConnell, Educational Studies Ph.D. student

Thesis: News media as agents of cultural miseducation about public schools. 

John Quyen Wickham

Currently researching: Interdisciplinarity and team science

Jacqueline Goldman, IPT ph.d. student

Thesis title: Tablet use and its effects on student study strategies