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EIPT 3011 Test Out

Test Out Study Guide for EIPT 3011

In order to pass the Test Out for EIPT 3011 you need to be able to do the following skills and complete 4 projects in 3 hours. You will be given scenarios in order to show that you can do the following skills in the following programs.

In addition, you will be asked to demonstrate how change settings on a computer and how to use a file to create and rename files and folders. The test will be taken on a Macintosh Computer and an iPad. You may bring your own USB mouse if you wish to use a mouse versus the trackpad. However, you may also want to make yourself familiar with the trackpad by watching this video. ( )

Download and Print this Study Guide:

You must pass the skills to the 90% level to test out of the class. You are encouraged to prepare for the testout and make sure you can do the following skills. You will be expected to hand in your submissions using, a cloud-based computing service. It is suggested that you have created an account at and have at least 1 GB of space available the day of the test out. In addition, you will want to download the Dropbox app for your iPad ahead of time.


  • Create a folder.
  • Share a folder.
  • Name files.
  • Rename files.

Cloud On:

Create a Word formatted file demonstrating the following skills using the Cloud On App on an iPad:

  • Formatted tables to display data including borders and shading
  • Page break
  • Textboxes
  • Header and footers including page numbers
  • Margins
  • Track Changes
  • Creating PDF’s of the file

Power Point:

Create a power point demonstrating the following skills:

  • Slide Layout and design
  • Textboxes
  • Action buttons (linking to other slides and outside resources)
  • Sound
  • Slide transitions
  • Pictures and clipart
  • A formatted table
  • Slide background
  • Print both handouts and slides to PDF


Create an excel workbook demonstrating the following skills:

  • Use at least 5 functions with one of them being a logical function
  • Use a formula
  • Format cells
    • So that everything fits
    • So that you change the number of decimal places or type of displayed
    • So it uses font and color in a pleasing and logical manner
  • Use both relative and absolute references in functions or formulas
  • Create a chart
    • The chart should be appropriate to the data
    • The axes should be labeled.
  • Name a spreadsheet
  • Delete unused spreadsheets
  • Print a PDF where you have made the chart fit on one page and hand it in with the actual spreadsheet.


Using the App Notability create a simple notes page that includes:

  • Adding pictures
  • Link to a web browser
  • Adding a note
  • Typing
  • Formatted text (bolding, color, etc...)
  • Having the files organized in a folder
  • Formatted text (bolding, color, etc...)
  • Change the background color
  • Formatted text (bolding, color, etc...)
  • Record audio
  • Save the file both as notability and pdf formats
  • Having the files organized in a folder


If you have questions about the test or skills, please contact Theresa Cullen, Ph.D. at To sign up or see the next date, please contact your adviser.