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Minors Best Practice-Please refer to this document for events involving minors

Facility Rental Information

Huston Huffman Fitness Center

basketball courtsbasketball courts

The Huston Huffman Fitness Center is a recreational sports facility that is beneficial for many users. From students and faculty/staff that utilize the HHFC for personal aspects of health and wellness to programmed events that allow students a structured sports atmosphere for competition. There is, however, a usefulness of the HHFC that many do not see or know about: event usage. The following will help in the understanding and programming of events for the HHFC. Fitness and Recreation retains the right to disapprove any user at the departments’ discretion.

The HHFC is available for rental for many types of events.  Typically, events in the HHFC range from Soonerthon to Camp Crimson to national sports tournaments.  The administration will make every effort to accommodate requests for the facility, but ultimately, the mission of the university must be maintained. 

Organizations that contract with Fitness and Recreation will have a few items that are mandatory to ensure the best possible experience for both parties.  Contracted events using Fitness and Recreation facilities, are required to have one of the following Registered/Certified persons ON STAFF and ON THE PREMISES with the contracted event, AT ALL TIMES.  The Registered/Certified person should be one of the following: Doctor, Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, Sports Trainer, or another person approved by Fitness and Recreation.

Organizations that rent the HHFC may be required to have liability insurance that covers the event and names the university as an additional insured. Questions about facility rental and insurance requirements can be addressed by email to Garry Armstrong or phone (405) 325-3053.


Users that program multiple activities for the event will need to provide scheduling of events.  Facility staff will be assigned to the event to maintain the integrity of the facility, that policy and regulations are followed and troubleshoot any issues with the facility and/or equipment.  The HHFC takes great pride in providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for the membership and event visitors. We maintain a level of cleanliness to help users enjoy their time in the facility. We will take care of all normal activities from setting up the facility for users and sweeping the courts for safe play.

Here are the top ten lists for programmers to know prior to the actual event.

Items 1-5 are things needed for determining contract amounts and notification of charges.  It is helpful to know what the camp needs to avoid last minute changes in space, equipment and rental fees.  Items 6-10 are preventative tips to assist your camp with problem areas that can affect your camp, staff and participants.

1.    Specific dates with the times the facility will be used per day.  (Mon. 8am-10pm, Tues. 8am-1pm, etc.)

2.    What areas the event will need to use.  (Basketball courts, activity room, classroom, etc.)

3.    Equipment needed for the event.  (Balls, stopwatches, cones, etc.)

4.    Facility equipment.  (Scoreboards, tables, chairs, etc.)

5.    Special needs.  (Food & beverage area, specific court markings i.e. # of Football fields or taped lines in the HHFC)

6.    Have enough copies for your staff and 1 to give HHFC Staff.  (Do not use the HHC as a copy center.)

7.    Make sure a trainer can be on site at all times while participants are using the facility.  (Even during the meal breaks campers may not recreate or play games unless a trainer is present.)

8.    Check in & out with the HHFC Staff member every day.  At arrival and departure, event should contact the HHFC Staff when they arrive and depart.

9.    Participants MUST be under direct supervision of a Staff member.  If the event includes minors as participants, user must follow the Minors on Campus policies. (Preferably someone other than trainer.)

10. Control and/or supervision of  visitors. (Parents and siblings or other under age children.  This is a major issue that cannot be dismissed.)

Contact the FIT+REC Staff for details

Contact Garry Armstrong for facility rentals @ (405) 325-3053 or

Contact Tyler Webb for aerobic room and classroom use @ (405) 325-3053 or

Click here for the area descriptions.

Click here for the facility rental pricing guides.

Minors Best Practice-

Please refer to this document for events involving minors

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Outdoor Area Rules

intramural fieldsintramural fields

In 1989, Fitness and Recreation implemented a NO CLEAT rule for all intramural activities to reduce the number of injuries. This has proved to be both cost effective and safe for the participants. Events must be approved to wear cleats during activities on the Intramural Field areas. On a case-by-case basis, cleats and other questionable footwear will be allowed. No glass bottles, no alcohol, no unauthorized vehicles allowed on all Fitness and Recreation property.