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The University of Oklahoma, Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts

Alumni Spotlight on Howard Price

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drama -1971

Profile image of Howard Price


Tell me about a proud moment in your career.

There are so many proud moments that just listing one would be impossible:

     A.   Graduating

     B.   Interviewing some of the biggest names in America during

           my TV & Radio news career

     C.   Performing Live, Stand up Comedy, Guitar & Banjo, and

          opening act for many of the top ranked comedians at the time

     D.   Becoming the #1 Salesman and keeping that title for over

          a year for Clear Channel Communications

     E.   Starting up a new radio station in Tulsa, OK and

         making it the #4 Billing in the city in just 1 year at KAYI-fm (K107.)

          Then seeing it bomb after my departure.

     F.   Turning around KJYO-fm, (KJ103) in Oklahoma City for Clear Channel,

          making it a major biller in the market.  Then seeing it bomb after my departure.

     G.   Starting Multi-Net Marketing, and turning it into major force in Network Radio Advertising in the US.

     H.   But my most proud moment, holding my 1st grandchild, (only one so far) for the first time.


Are you reaching for a star? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I'm getting ready to reach for a different type of star, RETIREMENT.  As for where I see myself in 5 years, well, during the Spring, Summer, and Fall in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado at our house, which is named "Sooner Magic." and during the winter in Costa Rica.  The goals that my wife of 43+ years, Jane Campbell of Tulsa Oklahoma, and I set eons ago have mainly been reached, in fact, exceeded in most cases. 


How have you used your college experience to help others?

We are looking forward to continuing our close relationship with the University of Oklahoma Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts, and the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication during retirement.  Over the past 15 years or so, we've sponsored numerous scholarships at OU, as well as having our names attached to several class rooms, practice rooms, and audio studios within the two colleges.  Our most recent is a Stage Managers Scholarship at the Weitzenhoffer.  We're told it is the first ever at OU.  We were also part of the Group of 50 who donated to have Holmberg Hall rebuilt.  


Why did you choose OU? 

Choosing OU was rather easy.  First my ACT scores were extremely high, while my actual grade point average was just 2.75.  Secondly, the head of the Broadcasting Department at OU was Sherman P. Lawton, who was considered one of the Top Deans and Educators in the broadcast business.  Third, Norman was a long way from Wilmette, Illinois.  So, with a trifecta like that, how could I say no.  This turned out to be one of the, if not the best decision I've ever made.


Tell me your favorite memory of your time at OU College of Fine Arts.

Wow, selecting my "favorite memory" at the OU College of Fine Arts is impossible.  There were many.  Performing and honing my comic routines, being "Locked IN" Holmberg Hall to repair and clean the building yearly, which I must say became more of a party than anything else.  Stage managing, was a trip and a half for sure, but if I had to pick just one.... it would have to be returning to Homberg after its remodel and standing on the stage with my granddaughter, looking out at the beautiful surroundings and imagining myself once again "doing my thing" there.  Which by the way I've been told will never happen.


image of Howard Price working as a audio engineer
Howard Price working as a audio engineer last year on the CBS-TV Sit Com, S#*! My Dad Says.
image of Howard Price pictured with his wife Jane and William Shatner
Howard Price pictured with his wife Jane and William Shatner at at his Hollywood Charity Horse Show & Auction.


Born in Chicago, Howard later moved to the Northern Suburb of Wilmette, and attended New Trier High School.  It was in High School that he developed his passion for the electronic media.  Howard did everything at the High School radio station from disc jockey / board shifts to play by play. 


At The University of Oklahoma, where he continued his broadcasting development, Howard earned his degree, while working as a reporter for the ABC-TV affiliate, raising a family, and traveling for ABC’s Wide World of Sports.


His commercial “on air” experience ranged from award winning TV news reporter / photographer, disc jockey, radio newsman, TV news anchor and assistant news director.  For some 14 years Howard was in front of the microphone, but in 1977 he found that behind the mike was even more rewarding.


That’s when he moved into the sales and marketing end of the broadcast profession.  Quickly Howard became the top salesman at his radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma and later became the number one salesman for all of the Clear Channel Communications chain, and eventually became the first million-dollar salesman for Clear Channel.


Howard became known as a “Turn on – Turn around” specialist.  He was able to take new stations to a market and make them profitable in very short spans of time.  Later he was being hired to convert losers to profit centers. 


Today, Howard is President of Multi-Net Marketing, Inc. a national rep firm for small to medium sized radio networks and different programming syndicators.  He and his wife Jane founded the company in 1995.  Geico, American Express, and Pfizer are just a few of the accounts they have placed this year.


Howard has been married to his college sweetheart Jane for 43 years, and is the father of two daughters, and the pride of his life, a 7 year-old granddaughter.


A former member of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs, Howard has served on the Board there along with several other not for profit organizations.  In 2006 Howard was awarded the Distinguished Individual Donor Award for El Paso County, Colorado, which includes Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, by the Partners in Philanthropy.