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The University of Oklahoma, Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts

Love the Arts? Get Involved!

The Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts prepares our talented students for professional careers in the arts. Our students and faculty travel throughout the United States and the world for auditions, workshops and performances to gain valuable professional and educational experience to enhance their classroom and studio instruction.


To assist our gifted students in achieving their dreams, the College is lucky to have several groups of dedicated volunteers who are committed to enhancing the student experience. These diligent friends aid in audience development, raise funds to offset audition and educational travel expenses, and hold special events, such as strike parties, to enhance the student experience.  Working with like-minded friends to support the future of the arts is a meaningful endeavor and we encourage you to get involved with one or more of these groups.


For information about hou you can support the Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts, please contact Koby Harrington at (405) 325-7376 or



Avenue Q Fall Musical

OU Musical Theatre & Opera Guild


The purpose of the OU Musical Theatre & Opera Guild is to support students and faculty involved with the Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre and the Opera program in the School of Music.  The Musical Theatre/Opera Guild provides assistance with performances, promotes community interest in musical theatre and opera, and provides annual awards to students who show professional promise.  For more information contact Fred Striz at (405) 325-1730 or  striz@ou.eduJOIN MUSICAL THEATRE/OPERA GUILD TODAY!


student cellist during OU Symphony Concert

OU Friends of Music

Chartered in 2010, the Friends of Music supports the students and faculty in all areas of the School of Music by providing volunteer support for events, by hosting receptions in conjunction with School of Music performances and providing financial assistance when available.  For more information contact Steve Curtis at (405) 408-4784 or  JOIN FRIENDS OF MUSIC TODAY!

Fall production of Caesar

OU Theatre Guild

The Theatre Guild supports the students, faculty and staff in the Peggy Dow Helmerich School of Drama and the A. Max Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre.  The Guild encourages all student performers by a visible show of support through activities including providing scholarships, grants, awards, strike parties and other social activities and by assisting with audience development. For more information contact Gayle Reid at JOIN THE THEATRE GUILD TODAY!

Cinderella Ballet production

OU Dance Partners


Formed in 2003, Dance Partners and its more than 300 members provide support for the School of Dance, including more than $360,000 in scholarships and matching funds. In addition to scholarships, Dance Partners assists with audience development and encourages student performers by visible support through a variety of activities, including grants, awards and social activities.  For additional information, please contact Sheila Vercher at (405) 325-4455 or svercher@ou.eduJOIN DANCE PARTNERS TODAY!


student working on potter's wheel

OU School of Art and Art History

Students in the School of Art and Art History use their imaginations and talent to make the world more beautiful.  But, the pursuit of an education in art or art history, whether formally or through unique travel and study opportunities, takes resources.  The Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts is pleased to announce the formation of a new group of friends to support the students and faculty in the School of Art and Art History.  If you are interested in becoming a founding member of this new group, please contact Jennifer Gourley at (405) 325-2691 or

Photos by Wendy Mutz