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Apply & Audition for OU School of Drama

actors silhouetted in The Grapes of Wrath

Application Process

Below you will find basic information about what we expect from an audition, portfolio review, or interview. All students must audition or interview on campus in order to be officially accepted into the OU School of Drama.

  • Please read the following check-list to ensure that your application procedure goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Apply to the University of Oklahoma. An application form is available by calling 405-325-2251 or click here. You will not be officially admitted into the OU Helmerich School of Drama until the University of Oklahoma has formally accepted you.
  • Apply to the School of Drama. An application packet and form is available online (PDF) which can be filled out, printed and submitted to the School of Drama. The application is for both School of Drama admission and for Drama scholarships. In order to reserve an audition time, we must receive the application two weeks prior to the audition date.
  • Sign up for one of our On-campus Audition events by completing the RSVP (attached to the application) and submitting it to the School of Drama along with your application. To reserve an audition/interview time, please call the School of Drama office at 405-325-0546 or email
  • Fill out the University of Oklahoma financial aid packet. These forms are available online or by calling OU Financial Aid 405-325-4521. You must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on the web and send this information to the University of Oklahoma to qualify for any OU scholarships.
  • Contact the OU Prospective Student Services Office at 405-325-2151 or 1-800-234-6868 for more information and to schedule a campus tour.
  • Contact OU Student Housing Office at 405-325-2511.
  • Please review the undergraduate degree requirements, which may be viewed here.
  • If you have any questions about the application procedures of the Helmerich School of Drama, please feel free to contact the Drama Recruitment Office at 405-325-0546.


Auditions & Recruiting Events

The University of Oklahoma preliminary auditions and interviews are held at regional thespian conferences throughout the country. To reserve an audition/interview time, please call the Helmerich School of Drama office at 405-325-0546 or email

Off-Campus Recruiting Events 2013-14:


  • Texas Educational Theatre Association (TETA): January 25-27
  • New York Unifieds: February 2 & 3
  • Chicago Unifieds: February 4-6
  • Las Vegas Unifieds: February 7
  • Los Angeles Unifieds: February 9 & 10
  • Georgia Thespian Festival: Feb 7-9
  • International Thespian Festival: June 24-29


On-Campus Audition Dates 2013-14:


  • Audition I - November 2
  • Audition II - February 15
  • Audition III - March 8