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Art of the Americas

United States


Due to the size of our permanent collection, we are unable to display every work at all times. Prior to visiting the museum, please e-mail us or call (405) 325-3450 to inquire about a specific work’s current status.

landscape, roads, trees, hills

Kenneth Miller Adams

French Landscape


barron land, few trees, house in distance

Josef Bakos




William Baziotes

Flower Head


adobe home with mountains in the background, surrounded by fields

Oscar E. Berninghaus

Adobe House


groups with cows, horses, covered wagons

LaVerne Nelson Black

The Trading Post



oil painting on Taos valley and mountains, shrub in front center of image

Ernest L. Blumenschein

Taos Valley and Mountain



Byron Browne

Woman with Bird

red geraniums in pot with window behind, still life

Pedro Cervantez



man standing behind bushes, near river, hiding

Eanger Irving Couse

The Ambush




Ralston Crawford

Wing Fabrication

Adobe houses, women in the foreground

Dorothea Stevenson

The Visitors



looking into a kitchen, at kitchen table, darker tones

Josef Bakos

Kitchen Window


image of people wandering around a carnival

Gifford Beal

Carnival Fair



people on horses gathered around, mountains in background, in field

Oscar E. Berninghaus

Taos Indians on Mesa


hills filled with haystacks, mountains in background, Taos

Ernest L. Blumenschein

Haystack, Taos


yellow cottonwoods on left side of image, lining a road, field to right

Ernest L. Blumenschein

Yellow Cottonwoods

cottage hidden in woods

Charles Burchfield

Cottage in the Woods

palm springs field, pastels

Alson Skinner Clark

Palm Springs


Native American kneeling near water playing music
orange modern painting

Raymond Jonson

Tempera No. 19



sculptured rocks

Frank Applegate

Sculptured Rock

dark ravine

Eugene Bavinger

Dark Ravine


Romare Bearden

At Five in the Afternoon


painting of yosemite

Albert Bierstadt

Yosemite Valley


woman walking up stairs to apartment

Ernest L. Blumenschein

Paris Apartment

inside of a museum, people viewing art

Louis Bouche

Gallery K


image of little girl with bonnet on, tied under her chin, only color around her face

Mary Cassatt

Sara in a Dark Bonnett Tied under her Chin

portrait of a lady

John Singleton Copley

Portrait of Mrs. Jabez Bowen (Sara Brown)

Native American collecting ingredients from earth for medicine

Eanger Irving Couse

The Medicine Man



blue, green and yellow fragemented modern painting

John O'Neil

Fragmented Landscape