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Contemporary Art

image of a face with different designs and colors all over


Ed Paschke and (art) Laboratory Artists
U.S., 1939-2004
No Fumare, por Favore, 1997
Vintage PHS Cologram
40 3/4 x 30 3/4 x 3 1/2 in.
Gift of the Richard and Ellen Sandor Family Collection in honor of

David and Molly Shi Boren for their intellectual and social contributions

to the University and state of Oklahoma, 2000

The other side of the painter's picture plane has never been this alive-this is the most exciting form of collaboration where you have a synthesis of ideas and technology.
- Ed Paschke


No Fumare por Favore (No Smoking Please) is Chicago Imagist painter Ed Paschke's first collaboration with (art)n Laboratory artists Ellen Sandor, Stephan Meyers, and Janine Fron. (art)n Laboratory specializes in three-dimensional, virtual reality visualizations called PHSColograms, which combine aspects of photography, holography, sculpture, and computer graphics. The piece started out as three-dimensional computer simulations of a bust that Paschke could alter, paint, and texture in the laboratory using an electronic tablet. The artwork created in the computer generated the PHSCologram, a large-scale film transparency mounted in a light box. The PHSCologram interweaves 65 separate images, which were photographed digitally from slightly different points of view. Only one image filters to the eye from any one perspective. But as the viewer moves, additional digital images become visible, resulting in the grand illusion of depth and motion through the process (art)n has invented.