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Euorpean Art

woman walking in field


Camille Pissarro
France, 1830-1903
Le Pré à Eragny (The Meadow at Eragny), 1894
Oil on canvas
25 3/8 x 32 in.
Aaron M. and Clara Weitzenhoffer Bequest, 2000

In 1884, Pissarro moved to Eragny-sur-Epte, a tiny village approximately 60 miles north of Paris where the artist spent most of the remainder of his life. The meadow depicted in the present work was outside Pissarro's studio, located in a converted barn. On the hillside, less than two miles away, is the neighboring village of Bazincourt.


During the 1890s, Pissarro returned to an Impressionist style, as seen in Le Pre a Eragny, which depicts the fleeting light and guises of nature with a freedom of brushwork. [For Neo-Impressionism, which occupied Pissarro during the late 1880s, see Pissarro’s Bergère rentrant des moutons (Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep).]