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Art After Noon

Tuesdays at 12:30 pm; Dee Dee and Jon R. Stuart Classroom

Get acquainted with landscape paintings from the museum’s permanent collection in these 30-minute discussions. You are invited to bring your lunch; dessert and drinks will be provided. Susan Baley, FJJMA Director of Education, will present the talks.

  • Art After Noon - <i>Aspen and Snow</i>Art After Noon - Aspen and Snow
  • Art After Noon - <i>Atmospheric</i>Art After Noon - Atmospheric
  • Art After Noon - <i>Gathering One</i>Art After Noon - Gathering One
  • Art After Noon - <i>Head of the Meadow</i>Art After Noon - Head of the Meadow
  • Art After Noon - <i>Red Canyon Rising</i>Art After Noon - Red Canyon Rising
  • Art After Noon - <i>Arena No. 35</i>Art After Noon - Arena No. 35
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June 17 – Irving K. Manoir (1891-1982), Aspen and Snow, 1923

Manoir visited Taos in 1923 on commission from Chicago mayor, Carter Harrison, Jr.  This painting of a sacred grove near Gloriettta, New Mexico, was one of the artist’s personal favorites.


July 15 – Eugene Bavinger (1919-1997) Atmospheric, 1960


August 19 – Dord Fitz (1914-1989) Gathering One, 1957


September 16 – Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011) Head of the Meadow, 1967


October 21 – Louis Ribak (1902-1979) Red Canyon Rising, late 1960s


November 18  – Robert Pearson McChesney (1913-2008) Arena No. 35, 1959