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Using the Collection

Abstract expressionism class

Accessing the Collection


Faculty may use the permanent collection, including works not on view, to enhance student understanding of course topics. For works not on view, the Registration department will facilitate the visit. To schedule a class visit, please call the Curator of Academic Programs at 325-5990. For questions regarding the permanent collection, please call the Registration department at 325-5388. Faculty interested in using the collections in this way are asked to:


  • Discuss with the Registration staff the purpose for the request as well as a list of the particular works to be viewed. The Registrar, based on the needs of the faculty, can provide a checklist.
  • Give a three-weeks notice of the class visit.
  • Read the full list of policies and procedures, which includes the list of prohibited items.
  • Provide a class roster to the Curator of Academic Programs in advance of the visit to facilitate check-in.
  • Understand that for viewing purposes, class sizes need to remain at twenty students or less (six students or less for entering storage areas).
  • Keep the limit for works of art to be viewed at one time to thirty.


Faculty and students with research questions may see collection objects not on view. To begin this process, please contact the Curator of Academic Programs. The same policies and procedures apply to individual researchers.


Understanding the Collection


Each semester, the museum provides a workshop for faculty members to foster a better understanding of OU's art museum. The workshops may examine the permanent collection or a special exhibition. While learning about the museum, enjoy wine and light refreshments. In many cases, a tour of the museum will be included. The workshops are free for OU faculty.

Faculty Workshop
"Designing Your Curriculum with the Museum in Mind"
Thursday, November 14 at 4:00 pm

Faculty members are invited to use the museum's collections, exhibitions, educational programs and facilities to support teaching, research and cultural enrichment. This semester's workshop will explore ways of using the museum in connection with your courses. Susan Baley, Director of Education, will discuss ways to make the museum your "classroom." Mark White, Chief Curator, will provide information on the exhibitions of the upcoming year. Wine and light refreshments will be provided.


All inquiries should be directed to Jessica Farling at (405) 325-5990 or

Including the Collection


The museum welcomes OU faculty to participate in the discussion of exhibition ideas in conjunction with curricular needs while keeping with the museum’s mission. There are certain galleries available for rotation, which provide an opportunity for art to support research and curriculum. Questions and proposals should be directed to Mark White, Eugene B. Adkins Curator, by phone at 325-3450 or by email at