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Gaylord Ambassadors Criteria

Deadline for application is February 27, 2015.


Meet the current Ambassadors.

The Gaylord Ambassadors are journalism and mass communication undergraduate and graduate students involved in outreach activities on behalf of the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. The Ambassadors represent the “student face” of Gaylord College and are engaged in a variety of activities from interacting with and contacting prospective students to meeting with and hosting nationally known scholars and journalists and alumni and donors that visit Gaylord Hall and the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Among other duties, the Ambassadors assist the college during special functions and help develop new college programs. The Ambassadors provide the student voice in communication with the college’s administration, faculty and staff.

Selection Criteria

Gaylord Ambassadors applicants must have declared Journalism and Mass Communication as their major or otherwise signified their intent to pursue an education in the College as an undergraduate or graduate student. A minimum GPA of 3.25 is required. Candidates should demonstrate good communication skills and a breadth of knowledge of the University of Oklahoma and Gaylord College.

Selection Process

Each spring semester, Gaylord College students interested in serving as Ambassadors are encouraged to complete an application. The Selection Committee (comprised of the Ambassadors Chair and Vice Chair along with the Staff Advisers) review submitted applications, schedule and perform interviews.

Responsibilities Upon Selection

Upon selection, each Ambassador agrees to participate in various activities on behalf of Gaylord College including, but not limited to:

  • Acting as responsible representatives of the University of Oklahoma and Gaylord College at both on and off-campus events.
  • Providing support for recruitment of prospective Gaylord College students to the University of Oklahoma.
  • Assisting with special events and Gaylord College functions.
  • Hosting various special guests and speakers in Gaylord Hall.
  • Attending Ambassadors meetings as scheduled.


  • Ambassadors are given the opportunity to meet and network with nationally known media professionals, alumni and donors who visit Gaylord Hall and the campus of the University of Oklahoma.
  • Ambassadors also have the opportunity to build a close association with Gaylord College faculty and staff members.
  • The Ambassadors program offers excellent experience in networking, public speaking skills and event coordination