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The Gaylord Prize for Excellence in Journalism

Gaylord Prize

Gaylord Prize marked its inaugural year in 2008. The Gaylord Prize honors a nationally recognized journalism and mass communication professional. The nominated prize recipient is well-known for a lengthy and distinguished career symbolized by high standards of excellence and immeasurable talent.

To be selected, candidates must:

  • Have a distinguished career in journalism and mass communication represented by one of the Gaylord College's five majors (journalism, broadcasting and electronic media, advertising, public relations, professional writing).
  • Be known nationally and/or internationally in their field.
  • Represent high ethical standards and be a good role model for the next generation of journalism and mass communication professionals.
Tom Brokaw


Tom Brokaw

NBC News Special Correspondent

Mr. Brokaw will be honored on Thursday, February 26.

RSVP to OU Public Affairs at (405) 325-1701.

Judy Woodruff


Judy Woodruff

Senior Correspondent, PBS NewsHour

Read more about Woodruff's visit.