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A Giving Attitude

Photo of Tamara Pullin

Tamara Pullin fell in love with the University of Oklahoma the day she stepped foot on campus. At the first sight of the manicured North and South ovals with their blooming flowers and picture-perfect statues, the small-town girl knew that, in this setting, she would thrive.

“I grew up in a small town in East Texas and so I really felt like I was ‘going away’ to college and found that sense of independence and became who I am today through my college experience,” said Tamara, a 1997 OU journalism alumna and a member of the OU College of Law’s Class of 2001, where she served as editor in chief for the Oklahoma Law Review and graduated Order of the Coif. “My entire experience when I was here was positive. I felt like I got a great education:  I was challenged, I enjoyed my classes, I had professors who really cared about me, and I just made great friends.”

Tamara also met her husband, Daniel, through OU, although she humorously recounts how the two didn’t immediately take to each other while students on campus. In fact, she said, it wasn’t until they met again at an OU Alumni Association event in Dallas – where Tamara had relocated after working at a Houston law firm and Daniel moved to after earning an MBA from Harvard – that they began dating.

“We ran into each other at an OU Club of Dallas meeting. So OU brought us together in Dallas. He walked in and I thought, ‘Wow!  Could that handsome man be Daniel Pullin?’” she said with a laugh.

Soon after they married in 2005, Daniel received a job offer at OU and the couple knew it was where they were meant to be, the place where they could make a difference.  Daniel currently serves as interim dean of the Price College of Business and vice president for strategic planning and economic development at OU, and Tamara is assistant general counsel for MidFirst Bank.  

“I view my life as a cup of happiness, if you will, trying to fill it with things that satisfy my role as a parent and my role as a professional woman, and then my role in my community. And that was one of the biggest draws for us to move back to Oklahoma from Dallas,” she said.  “We felt like we could have a bigger impact in a community like Norman and the state of Oklahoma.”

Tamara remains active at OU through her participation in the Women’s Philanthropy Network and by serving as an adviser for Delta Gamma, her sorority. Tamara looks forward to expanding her involvement with the University since Daniel assumed the role of interim dean of the Price College in July.  She is active in her community as well, serving on the City of Norman’s Human Rights Commission.  She also works hard to teach her two young boys the value of giving back.

Despite being a full-time practicing attorney and raising two small children, Tamara recognizes it’s important to make time to volunteer.

“I think it makes me a more well-rounded and responsible citizen to devote some of my time and energy to giving back to the community,” she said.  “It’s something that’s important to me as a mother as well to instill in my children an appreciation for what they have in life.”

Tamara hopes there will be another season in her life where time and resources allow her to have a more philanthropic impact on her community.