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Benefits for OU National Merit Scholars

- Early Enrollment privileges

- One-to-one academic advisement

- Use your OU National Merit Scholarship to study abroad in one of our numerous partner universities worldwide.


You must complete a separate application to be admitted to the Honors College. You are not required to be part of the Honors College to receive OU's National Merit scholarship. The vast majority of National Merit Scholars at OU choose to apply to the Honors College because of the additional opportunities offered. Class sizes are limited to 19 students or fewer and students have opportunities to do research as undergraduates. Fulfilling the requirements of the Honors College is the only way for a student to graduate cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude upon graduation. You can apply to the Honors College online and find out more information at the Honors College website.

The National Scholars Programs office is dedicated to your success both in the time leading up to your college decision and while you are at the University of Oklahoma. We are here to answer questions, help you with concerns and assist you to make your experience here at OU the best it can be. Please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, a National Merit Scholar at OU has the opportunity to take advantage of early enrollment privileges. After your first semester, you will be able to enroll before graduate students and seniors on campus, giving you a better opportunity to take the courses you want, at the times you want and with the professors you want.


Yes. There is a floor in Walker Center set aside for National Merit Scholars. In addition, Scholars may choose to live in the Honors College residence halls as part of the Academic Arts Community or on a Scholastic floor in Adams, Couch or Walker Center. A student may live any other place on campus where he/she would like to live. Applying for admission and housing to OU, completing the online Housing Contract and submitting your Enrollment Commitment early will help ensure you receive your first choice in housing.

If you have scored a three or higher on most AP tests, you will receive credit at OU. If you would like to see a breakdown of those scores and the credit you can receive from them, please visit the following website: AP Credit Breakdown

In order to see the type of credit you can receive at OU, please visit the following website for CLEP tests: CLEP Credit Breakdown, and IB Credit Breakdown for IB courses.