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Why OU?

Why OU Video
Click on the image above to to learn why students are choosing OU.

The University of Oklahoma is more than just a campus. More than lecture halls and practice fields. More than archways and academics. More than a rich history and far reaching reputation. All of that is just the backdrop. A foundation.

Because an engraving on a building might tell you it has been here for a century, but what breathes life into its halls is you. OU is where your story becomes part of ours.

The only thing missing is you.

President Boren's Welcome

OU is fortunate to have a president, David L. Boren, who continues to have a significant impact on our campus. 
Read about President Boren's vision for OU's future.

History & Tradition

Ever wonder what "Boomer Sooner" actually means? Curious about the words to the OU chant? 
Read more about OU's rich history and traditions.


Catch up on the latest OU news and learn about the exciting opportunities on campus.

Read OU News.

Fast Facts

Learn more about OU, including our student-to-faculty ratio, average class size and much more.

See all OU Fast Facts.

Quotable Seniors

At the University of Oklahoma, you can make your mark. Several of our graduating seniors were asked to describe their experiences at OU.

Check out what they said