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Transportation Services

No car? No problem!

Once you arrive at the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, you may use the Airport Express to get from Oklahoma City to Norman. 

The ride is about 30-40 minutes and costs about $38, but the total may be divided depending on the number of riders in the shuttle.  Please ask an attendant at the airport for final information on cost and availability.

For more details about this service provider, please visit their Website.  Please also contace the Education Abroad and International Student Services at 1(405)325-3337 for details on transportation from the Will Rogers World Airport to Norman, Oklahoma.


Once in Norman, many students find it easiest to not worry about bringing their own car to campus.  Instead, they use the Norman public transportation system, CART.  This inclusive bus system has routes that take passengers throughout Norman and Oklahoma City.


Using the CART system is also a wonderful way to learn your way around Norman.  Use the new CART Google Maps feature to plan your CART trips!  CART runs to grocery stores, restaurants, across campus and throughout Norman.  For more infomation on CART public transportation, please click here.