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Successful Living

Many of the highest ranked universities in the nation require virtually 100% of their freshmen to live on campus. Are you curious why that is? When comparing the six-year graduation rate of students who started their academic careers in university housing with those students who commuted their first year, we found that those who resided on campus their first year graduated at a rate of 14.6% higher than those who lived off-campus. If you would like further information, please look through the provided articles or e-mail

Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory and Practice

Enhancing Student Persistence: Connecting the Dots, by Vincent Tinto - Syracuse University

The Review of Higher Education 21.2 (1998)

Research in higher education shows that students who live on campus:

  • earn better grades
  • more likely to graduate
  • more likely to pursue graduate studies
  • gain leadership experience
  • manage time more effectively
  • further prepared for competitive job market

Certain students are required to live in University housing. All single freshmen students under 20 years of age must live in a University residence hall for the academic year except for those who have earned 24 or more hours of college credit in residence or have already lived in University residence halls for two academic semesters, specifically, the spring and fall semesters. CLEP, AP, or hours earned through concurrent enrollment or similar opportunities are not applicable. Exemption from this policy is by special permission only, granted in writing by the Vice President for Student Affairs, or his/her delegates(s). Requests for exemption to the Housing rule should be directed to Debbie Wells at (405) 325-1284.